About our Company

Clipping path experts is a full-service image editing company that comes with years of proven experience. We have been providing clipping path, image masking, photo retouching, shadow services, image manipulation, color correction, vector conversion & other image editing services. We are working in this industry since the last 10 years respectively. We are offering high-quality services with a strict deadline at the very best price in the market.

History of the Growth of Clipping Path Experts

Our company chairman has worked on designing with different companies for 5 years before opening his own company. The journey of our chairman was very hard in his early life in this industry. After leaving his job, he started his business with a very small office with few employees. He then started working with the overseas companies and won the heart of the clients through his dedication and honesty. Slow and steadily the company was growing and getting more clients for their quality work. Now, after ten years it has become one of the leading companies in Bangladesh. Clipping path experts have 3 local offices with a high number of qualified employees.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best service to our clients and earn respect and trust in the industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the top companies within the next 6-8 years by providing quality services to our clients.

Method of Working

  • Getting works through our secured FTP server or through web media such as wetransfer.com and dropbox.com to handle the files
  • Letting the clients know about the price list of each work
  • Uploading clients images
  • Handing over the images to our team for editing
  • Getting the works done by our expert team
  • Checking the works by QC (Quality Check)
  • Quick delivery to the clients
  • We accept payment through PayPal and all major credit/debit cards through Payoneer. Also can accept payment through Bank Wire Transfer.

Why would you choose us?

Photoshop based services are not at all easy tasks. We are available to provide many types of image editing services. We have 30+ designers for your image editing job. You can hire our expertise or you may also take project based services from us. Here are some reasons showing why a client should select us.

  • 100% Quality work
  • High quality service in low cost (factory Price)
  • 24/7 hours availability
  • 2 shifts of working
  • Provide from simple to extreme complex editing services
  • Provide emergency service within very short time
  • Efficient manpower
  • Return edited images time specified
  • Accuracy of works
  • Quick delivery

Our Services

We are providing the best services with high quality. We have professional team for providing each service.

Clipping Path

We help your images to isolate the background keeping the object constant. We have specialists for this service.

Multi Path-Color Path

Multi path-color path give different effects to the image. It is also used for changing the color of specific items of the object.

Photoshop Neck Joint

To show inner and outer part of the garment product, Photoshop neck joint is the best way. We do it effectively by cutting neck and joining it.

Image Masking

Every time background doesn't need to be exist in portrait photos, it sometime need to be wipe out. But hair and other complex area make it complex to do. We provide special service in hair masking to clean out the image.

Raster to Vector

Sometime vector images are necessary to the clients. We transform images from Raster to Vector format.

Drop Shadow

A creative and realistic touch is important in an object. Our drop shadow service provides best shadow/mirror effect service.

Color Correction

To color your images in a better way, we are here. We effectively adjust color, brightness, contrast etc. to the images.

Photo Retouching

There is no other way to make your images smooth rather than Photo Retouching Service. We have special team to work on retouching service.

About Our Expert Team

We have very strong and expert team of 30+ employees. They are working hard to fulfill the target of deadline in time. We have different expert designers for different service of works. Our expert team never fails to provide quality works. We held training session by the seniors, whenever we hire a new designer in the company.

Sometime, we do recreational activities on different occasions. To encourage more and keep our employees more enthusiastic, we arrange an annual picnic each year. We go and play sports sometime when there’s less pressure of works. We also held a lunch or dinner fest at least once in a month.

Clipping path experts have been very efficient to its clients. We are achieving our client’s trust in each day passed. If by our delivered works can make our client beneficial, nothing can be a big achievement than this to us. So, our motive is to provide quality work and make our client’s happy.

Team Picture

Cox's Bazar Tour

We travel every year to a beautiful place in the country. This is one of the tour picture we took in Cox's Bazar at Inany Beach.

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