change color of product in photoshop

There’s no questioning that the color of an object in a photograph has a big impact on how people feel. It gives a product’s finished insight into what they desire to buy from you. Use a vibrant hue that matches the message you want to send to your customers, and you’ll be able to increase the number of products you provide. However, use an unrealistic color and watch your product’s market demand fall. Here you will learn how to change color of product in photoshop. So keep on reading.

Color change steps –

Open the image

Open your desire image in Photoshop through File>Open or Ctrl+O.

Draw path around the product

Using pen tool, draw the path around the subject. Making a path around the object is an utmost work. Begin clipping using the pen tool after opening your file. Yes, the pen tool is useful in Photoshop programs for clipping objects. It is beneficial to make an outline, which indicates clipping path or deep etching.

Select the path

It will now come to an end after a few clippings where you make a soft edge on the outside or inner edge.

Choose color replacement tool

Choose the color replacement tool from the bar. It will help us to re-color the object.

Select the color you want

From the tool, choose your desire color which you want to create.

Draw on the product

After selecting the color, start drawing it on the object.

Save it

Doing all the works, save the file in to JPEG or PNG format.


Color correction is a highly useful process that allows you to enjoy a wide range of colors and contrast in an image. Individuals and businesses in fields such as e-commerce, web design, digital photography, and other industries require color correcting services to accomplish their tasks.

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