Clipping Path Experts is professional Clipping Path service provider with very low cost within mentioned time. We also offer some of the design services like image masking, natural shadow, drop shadow, reflection shadow, raster to  vector conversion, photo retouching where quality job is main specialty.

It is untold the importance of graphic design at present computer world. There is no field where do not use photographs which are optimized with graphic design at once. Since this is a case sensitive matter to use photographs for your business like web design, print, press media, vouchers, catalogue, publishing companies and more image related industry.

Most First before optimizing your photos you have to learn basic needs about graphic design what will help you to extract your image from the dull image which will be used as product into your business. Yes, I want to tell without knowing basic thing you will not get a theme about the photographic works.

Regardless Clipping Path is the first step entire the optimizing work if you have image for processing. But it is not an easy task overflowing on the image editing work including several steps have to be taken to take make Clipping Path and remove your special object from the image. So you will get an overview how many steps to remove background bellow.

You can use so many tools for this work such as Lasso tool, magic wand tool. It is known as an automated tool for selecting the object in a few seconds. But not much better using these tools you cannot get perfect result as making clipping path.

Besides this there is one of the alternate option to make vector line, shape or curves named Pen tool. Using this as vital process you can draw an exact path for your objects what you want to extract or cropping. Before making clipping path I have an image as given below with an unmatched background what doesn’t look great an not proper for using as a product.


So I decided to use Pen tools for making clipping paths among all tools of Photoshop what with you may make it normally. But I have told yet previously Pen tools is one of an elegant way to make Clipping Path or we called it vector path. Now you choose the Pen tool from the sidebar of your desire Photoshop apps where I do use comfortably Adobe Photoshop and then you have to choose Path option from top level menus. Yes, now the right turn to start making your paths with several Clipping using the Pen tools including concentration and deep eyes.  After making path you will get an image as below.


Don’t be afraid seeing this image because your image now is covering with a vector shape and ready to knock out another portion as like background will be removed as soon. Go to the Layers panel where you can find out an another panel named Path.  You have to click the Path Thumbnail with holding the Ctrl button from the keyboard and now you will get your objects under dark and light line as below.


It’s time to remove another part of your image responsibly. Now you have to choose your most desired background color beyond this you can use another special background from your archives. But I use a dedicate background for all images as white background for my article. Then you must do invert selection  by clicking together Ctrl and Shift also I key from your device keyboard. With white background my image look below.


If you have any image for processing with our innovative clipping path service we ensure you that you must get an accurate clipping path with a new or an elegant background as you want more. So let start business with us for your images what are optimized. Please take your free trial and feel our service to build up a relation due to industry.

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