Photo editing pro tips

8 Photo Editing Tips that change your Photography. To be honest, Photography is something which cannot be done perfectly by everyone. Photography is an art which has come as a wonder. But it is very difficult to do photography with perfect skill sometime. There are a lot of photographers who are doing pretty well in photography. But sometime they fail to publish/deliver a well groomed photo to the clients because of some flaws in the photographs. To fix the flaws and to make the photo look better and perfect, the photo should be edited by Photoshop. There are a lot of easy techniques when it comes on editing. Editing photos is not a piece of cake. It has to be done very carefully. Only professionals are able to edit the photos in a way that make great photograph. But there are few photo editing tips and techniques that can change your photography. If you are not able to do it yourself would be best helping hand for you.

Photo editing pro tips

Photoshop is an amazing tool for photo editing like professionals. There are a lot of tools which will help you to edit the photos in a finest way. Uncountable things you can do with your picture that will change your photography entirely. In this blog post we are going to give you 8 amazing photo editing tips and techniques that can change your photography.


1. Background Removal

One of the most important elements in a professional photograph is a background. The background of a photo can make the photo great or worst. If you are not happy with the background after photography, you can change or remove it by Photoshop background removal. It is also called as clipping path.
The steps of background removal:
• Open an image on Adobe Photoshop
• Select pen tool from the tool bar
• Make a clipping mask around the object
• Select the mask area by pressing ctrl+click
• Press q to remove the background.
This is how you can remove the background of an image easily. You can also change the background and put your desired background to change the look of the photo.

2. Photo Retouching

Photoshop photo retouching is taken by many big companies for different types of photographs. It generally helps to remove spots, unwanted objects, red-eye removal, smoothing of a photo. It is an amazing Photoshop editing option which makes the photo look awesome. There are few retouching tool such as clone stamp tool, healing brush tool, spot healing brush tool etc.

The steps of Photo retouching:

• Open an image on Adobe Photoshop
• Select pen tool or spot healing brush tool or healing brush tool (choose as per the requirement of the image)
• If you want to remove the spots from the photo, press ‘alt’ on the smooth areas, release the button and click on the spot areas.
• Keep doing it until the spots are fully removed.
• Save the photo by going to file>save/save as and press enter.

3. Color Adjustment

When you see a photograph, you definitely like the photo which has good color in the photograph. A faded color photograph will give you low conversion rate and will not catch attraction. You can adjust yourself a better color for your photo by using Photoshop and its tools.

The steps of color adjustment/color correction

• Open an image on Photoshop
• Go to Image>Adjustment
• Choose any of the required options from the options (Level, Auto Color, Color Balance, Curves etc.)
• You will get radius sliders to adjust colors.
• Press ok after adjusting.

4. Adding Effects/Filters

Photo effects can change your image from one to other. It will give you a new look like professional photos. It is very easy to add some professional effects to your photos. You can do it by Photoshop in a very simple way taking lesser time. Choose any filter as you want.

The steps of effect adding

• Open an Image on Photoshop
• Go to Filter
• Select any filter as per your requirement
• Adjust the level of the filter
• Press Ok to apply.

5. Liquify The Image

Liquify is one of the different editing techniques which can change your photography. Liquify can change the shape of your photograph by activating it on Photoshop. It can make a fat photo thinner and thin photo fatter. In modeling industry, the photographers use it the most. When they see that the face of a model is looking heavy, they can reduce the extra fat from the face by applying Liquify.

The steps of Liquify

• Open an image on Photoshop
• Activate Liquify tool from the Filter Box
• You will get a box containing liquefying level and adjustments
• Select the level by dragging inside or outside
• Press ok to complete it

6. Adding Drop Shadow

Sometime, you will see the photo which may not look so natural. A shadow in a photograph will give a natural look to an image. A drop shadow can add a glamorous and classy look to the photo. It is done by professionals very carefully by using Photoshop. You can also add a shadow to your photo if you follow our tips.

Steps of adding drop shadow

• Open an Image on Photoshop
• Create a clipping mask to the object
• After clipping mask, activate transformation tool by pressing ‘ctrl+t’
• Reduce the sharpness from the image
• Now go to layer style in layer menu
• Select drop shadow from there
• Adjust the level, radiance and distance of the shadow and press ok.

7. Cropping

There are photos which are having some unnecessary areas which are not required and look awkward in a photograph. Cropping is the best option to cut out those unnecessary areas and keep the areas you want to keep. It is the easiest thing to do on Photoshop.

Steps of cropping the photo

• Open an Image on Photoshop
• Activate crop tool by pressing ‘c’
• Stretch the tool as long as you want
• Press enter to complete the editing
Cropping the photo may give a photo which can change your photography. If you follow these steps, you will be able to do this very easily.

8. Mirror Effect

Do you want to give a gorgeous look to your photograph? Photoshop is there to fulfill your wish. Mirror effect can give you a gorgeous look in your photo. Mirror effect is the reflection of the object of your photo. This will change your entire look of your photo. Mirror effect will make your photo glossy and interesting. It easily catches eyes of the viewers.

Steps of adding mirror effect

• Open an image on Photoshop
• Create a clipping mask around the object
• Make selection by ‘ctrl+enter’
• Create a new layer
• Paste the masked areas in the new layer
• Select the transformation tool
• Select flip from transformation menu bar and bring it to the surface
• Select the opacity and press enter to complete the job.

These 8 photo editing tips and techniques can change your photography and can make the photos look professional. If you are a beginner, you can also go through other tutorials as well. These tips are generally for the beginners who want to edit photos to change the photography. These edited photographs will make you a professional photo editor and you can also get benefited by providing these kinds of services by these tips and techniques to the companies. So, try your editing skills by following our given tips and create great photographs.

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