6 product photo Myths will grow E-Commerce Business

E-commerce has become the most popular business medium in the entire world. In most of the countries, e-commerce is growing day-be-day. Since people are busy in this recent time, they prefer to do shopping sitting at home rather than spending hours and hours in a shopping mall. Nearly all kinds of products you will get to shop in different e-commerce or online shopping websites. How do these e-commerce websites work? The answer is simple. These all run by images. Images can boost the conversion rate of your business. E-commerce websites only attract buyers/customers if they have appropriate photos of products in the websites. It might be a failure if the photos are not convincing enough to attract the customers. Image optimization is an amazing thing that every successful e-commerce websites are going through to get their products sold on a large scale. Image optimization can be done by two ways. One is by photography and the other one is by photo editing.

When a customer sees a product photo on the e-commerce website, he/she would want to buy the exact product what is shown in the photo. When you are taking product photographs, you need to know some myths which will optimize the product images and help to grow E-Commerce business.

Here are some product photo ideas which will grow E-Commerce Business

6 product photo Myths will grow E-Commerce Business

Perfect Photography

When you are shooting for product photography, try to keep it simple. You need to know some product photography techniques at first. You need to know what things you actually need to do perfect product photography. Use the best quality DSLR cameras and lenses to shoot but do not put so many things in the photograph so that the main product does not get hidden. Keep the photo simple to make the customer focus on the main product only. There are people who even earn money by product photography.

Myths of Product photography to grow ecommerce business

Angle Setting

Setting right angle is very important for a product photographer while shooting. Photographers need to be very careful while setting the right angle of the product. A product photo might look entirely different on the photo compared to the real product if the setting of the angle is wrong. If you want to display your product only from one angle, then you have to observe in which angle the product is more visible. So, set the angle from which the entire product can be visible in the photos.

6 Secrets of Growing ecommerce with product photography

Click Multiple Shots of the same Product

A product cannot be understandable if a customer sees only one side of the image in the photo during ordering. Rather he/she would be confused since he/she is not seeing the other side. Hence, you need to take multiple shots from all the sides and from all the angles and post all the photos so that the customers do not get confused while consuming the product. It impresses the customers highly and a very convincing way to convince your customers to buy the product.

How to grow e-commerce business with Photos

Details mean a lot

While shooting for products, click photos of some of the major details of the product. Customers might want to see a major detail in the photo which can make them buy the product. For example, you are shooting for a product which is a bag. There are some major details like chains, the opening part, buckles etc. So, the customers would want to see those details to buy the products. Click those details of the product and attach it along the main photo while posting on the website.

6 Product Photo Techniques will grow E-Commerce Business

Image Editing Services

Image editing services/ Image manipulation services are ruling the world of images and e-commerce websites. All big e-commerce websites are taking image editing services to optimize the images to make the photo look tempting and convincing to the customers. There are few image editing services which are taking highly by the e-commerce websites to make their product image look better and which will help to grow e-commerce business.

Background Removal Service

Background removal service or clipping path service is the most popular and the most taken image editing services to optimize images. If you know how to remove the background then it is add on. Background removal service helps a product to get rid of a background image and it also helps to replace that ugly background and set a fantastic background instead. Doing that, you will get a good and suitable background of your choice that increases the beauty of the product and make the customers buy the product.

6 product photo Myths will grow E-Commerce Business

Image Retouching Service

While seeing at the photos of products online, a customer would definitely reject a product which has spots in it. To make a photo spotless, image retouching service is taken by e-commerce websites to optimize the image. Retouching is one photo editing technique which give you spotless photos. Retouching jewelry in Photoshop, retouching skin, retouching dresses, retouching body etc. everything you can do to enhance the beauty of your photograph. A photo full of spots is a trash, whereas a clean product photo is likable and approachable to the customers. By image retouching, you will get the spotless product photo, which increase the conversion rate of the image.

Drop Shadow Service

A product photo should look natural in the photo. Adding a shadow in the photos will make the product photo look natural. There are different image editing service providers which helps to add shadows in a product photo and make it look natural and classy. You can do it yourself if you know how to add a realistic shadow. It makes the photo look attractive and convince the customer to purchase the product to buy.

How can product photography grow ecommerce business


Putting a perfect size product photo on the website is very important. Since people say ‘size matters’. In case of image optimization, image size really matters. Make the perfect image size of the product image by resizing the images and put them on the website to make the photo presentable to the customers.

Visit Competitors

While doing e-commerce business, you should always keep an eye at your competitors. The competitors who are doing a good business and has a high rank, visit their websites and see what kind of images they are putting on their websites. Doing that, you will get new and better ideas to optimize the images which will help you to grow your e-commerce business.


These 6 myths about product image to grow e-commerce business will definitely help an e-commerce business to develop their business. These will give high conversion rate to the website by which the customers will stay more in the page and purchase the products by seeing the well-optimized photos of the website. So, follow these myths to grow an e-commerce business.

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