Almost you feel relaxed while working with Photoshop Mask as you know the mask and how it work properly. Somehow there is the rare designer who doesn’t use superior tools of Photoshop like masking at all. Because of knowing the mask skills you so apply grateful use and make easy into the graphical task. Lots of here graphic design whereas more complicated do not perform at composite images including transparency is poor. So using Color Range it plays a vital role when you extract an image considering that more complex.

Normally when you wish to make to correct and want to get specific effect first of thinking you would change or remove the part of the image that you want to make edits.  They’re some advanced tools in Photoshop you may like to work with it and make easy yourself.

It is very hard to convert very complex image including CMYK color value happen in several times. Now I will try to describe some features those may help you to find out contemporary objects from a more complex image.

1.       Using Color Range makes advanced masks

Photoshop offers a tool named Color Ranged that can improve your masking areas with great sound mind. If you don’t find out most complicated using color range there have several color samples like red, yellow, green, blue, cyan, magenta and others you solve the problem in few minutes. There are two types of range one is color and another is tonal range like highlights, shadows, midtnoes.

Think you have an image to optimize or reedit and also to remove the background from that image. But that image is composite with many more objects and hard to create a clipping path as well over night. At the mean time you have to take steps as color range to select the most complicated element using important tools considered as valuable tools. Simply you do opening the expected pictures and make it as a freedom layer not a background layer. Turn to the upper level menus go to “Select” and then click with “Color Range”.  There you will find the specified range of colors what you can use for automated clipping path technically.


2.       Use Channel for better Masks

Yes! I want to describe you about Channel Masks in Photoshop consider a very important tool at photoshop workflow. Whereas you find difficult selection of your objects nevertheless Channel Masks must help you definitely. Channel Masks refer several color variations among the elements that you want to Create Mask as Image Masking and make an easy selection path. Have you remembered about Lasso tools, magic wand to what we use for making clipping paths as automatic way. But its rare of quality to find the soft edge of your objects.


Channel Mask provides different color and make a difference between background and objects significantly. After applying the Channel Masks you can find out vast different with the colors like red, green and blue. So you can use any of the color range to select the objects that you want to remove finally.

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