Chose Your Own Payment Plan

Clipping Path Experts is a name of the team of hard working provides all kind of graphic needs like clipping path, image masking, raster to vector so on. Yes, you may think about price and payments of the recent digital Photoshop services provider. It’s not to worry any more high priced services about graphic design. We always try to serve you with competitive rate.

Regardless we provide graphic design needs as per customer’s demand and we have decorated our payments plan as thinking relatively customers regularity. Weekly and monthly payment plans available here as you send us images for processing about the high number of files.

Weekly payments

if you have a lot of images for editing with our dedicated work house considering as graphic design products we provide weekly payment method for our registered customers who send us image weekly with a limit size.

Monthly payments

Yes, now turn to the customers who need uncountable images at editing like a big organization. In our mind these customers are granted as our regular customers and who prefer to work with us continuously over the month we assured monthly payments method for them.

Payment Methods we accepts

“Clipping Path Experts” has unique options for their consumers who needs to pay for the services requested. The consumer simply fills out a form providing the contact name, company info with full address and call number. After a batch of work is finished, an invoice is sent to the customer. The customer will have to pay by Paypal. The invoice that’s sent by “Clipping Path Experts” is easy and contains all the information necessary for making the payment.

As per rule set by “Clipping Path Experts”, customers requesting for services for more than 500 images, 50 percent of the payment should be done before delivering the done images.

Customers requesting for services for less than 250 images, final payment should be done either in installments or in full.

All payments would be determined by the management once communication with such client.

*Branded companies or old clients can usually pay after delivery.

We accept payment via PayPal and Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer.

Acceptable Payment Methods