what is the importance of still life photography.

You know, recently one of the most famous genres of Photography is Still life Photography. Many people are engaged with it both consciously and even unconsciously. You know why? It’s because still life instantly grabs the senses of its viewers as soon as someone notices it. If you notice a still life photo, it will completely mesmerize you as well as melt your heart. You can feel what it will try to speak unconsciously. This is why we are going to give you some amazing Still Life Photography tips and techniques which you should try at least once.

still life cover

What’s still life photography?

In simple words, still, life is said to be a collection of different objects which are inanimate, arranged together in a unique and specific way. These types of photos are simply magical. They literally speak to you!

Whenever you see such photographs, you directly get attracted to its attractiveness and your heart feels what it makes you feel. This is why still life photography is magical. And only a great magician can master it.

Types of Still Life

Generally, there are two types of still life photography. Found and created still life. You must be thinking that what is the difference between them?

Honestly, there is only one difference that is, in found still life you will be dealing with the objects you already found arranged without any external source. It was arranged naturally. The only thing you will need, to take its photo, is a perfect composition.

On the other hand, in created still life the objects will be arranged in a specific manner with a perfect composition by you.  You will be the source that will arrange it in such a manner that it tells a story with its position.

So far, I’ve discussed what still life photography actually is? And how many types are there?

Now, it is time when you will get to know how you can also take still life photos. As well as how you can improve your still life Photography?

Still, life isn’t that much hard as it sounds, it’s merely easy only if you use your creativity properly. And the composition will become perfect by itself.

In this article, we’ll tell you about seven incredible tips and techniques for taking a perfect still life photo just like professionals. So, just grab onto your Life and CLICK!

Tips & Tricks

The Subject of the objects – Yes, the soul of this photography is the subject about which the objects are trying to say. The arrangement of the objects is a very important subject for the photographer to understand. So, arrange the objects in such a manner that it brings your ideas and words into life.

  1. subject of the object

Decide the theme After you have arranged your objects properly, your next important job will be to create a theme for it. Ask yourself what does this arrangement of the objects mean? If you can understand your arrangement of the objects then you can decide what its theme is. A perfect theme will drive the observer consciousness away from them and will lure them to love your photo.

decide the theme

Backdrop completes it – It sure does. Setting up a perfect backdrop that suits your objects will increase the power of the image. Everyone has a partner that makes him/her complete. Same goes for a photograph; a perfect partner for a perfect photograph is a perfect backdrop. How will you choose a perfect backdrop? It’s simple, take the objects and keep replacing its background constantly and decide which one suits it best. I prefer medium dark backgrounds with a soft texture. A texture helps you tell a story easily.

backdrop completes it

Make the Light count – For every type of photograph light is said to be the king but, in this type of photography, it is said to be the Ace. Because it can change the complete outlook of the image in an instant. If lights are used in a proper plus unique way, it will highlight the textures of the objects and make them look utterly amazing. So make each day of a light count. Use them in a proper way that will fit the purpose of the image. Use reflectors and softboxes for better glow on the objects.

make light count

Compose it – Every photograph needs a perfect composition. Even the slightest mistake in the composition of the position of the objects, color, light, angle and almost everything can ruin the whole photograph. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a perfect and accurate composition in a photograph. A great composition will automatically describe the words the photo is trying to say being still. This is why composition is the KING.

compose it

Creativity matters – Everyone is creative in their own way, they just have to know that how. Creativity decides the main aspect of your still life image. If you can show your creativity like changing your angle to change perspective or using a different kind of light source, then you can be a successful still life photographer. Creativity will help you describe your photo easily.

creativity matters

Further post-production – Sometimes some photos after being taken doesn’t show that much attraction. They need further adjustments to them. You can simply fix the errors that occurred in your photo easily using post-production using Photoshop and Lightroom or you can also use different outsourcers and their services. This will help you to create a different and unique attractiveness to your still life photograph.

further post production

Recommended Equipment

There are some important equipment rather than just camera and lenses you may need in this sort of photography, these are –

  1. Tripods
  2. Soft Boxes
  3. Filters
  4. Flashgun
  5. Softeners
  6. Lightboxes
  7. Reflectors

recommended equipment's


Still, life photography truly is an authentic part of the photography genre. It needs patience, creativity, and experience to become a professional Still life photographer. A person that can follow the tips given above and can utilize them properly can do still life photography as a professional. You just only need to practice, and then you can become a magician in this magical journey of photography.

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