Privacy Policy of Clipping Path Experts

The privacy policy is made to make sure that the information you share with us is protected. We have included the policies and the ways of our work and communication to make you understand our company’s policy and privacy. 

We (Clipping Path Experts) are very particular about the safety of our client’s images. All the images we get from our clients by E-mail or FTP account, or cloud server are safe. We ensure our clients will not claim ownership of their images or use them anywhere else.

We have our servers (both online and local) to handle customers’ images. We have a strict rule of not taking the images out of the office. That is the reason our employees do not provide internet connection too. They are given the files by our server, and they submit the images to the server after editing. We do not use your images in any of the search engines.

Therefore, you can believe us about keeping your image copyrighted and private. We never use any image without our client’s permission. We promise you the safety of your images.

User Information Collection

Whenever Clipping Path Experts gets a client, it collects important information about our client. We think it is essential to keep the information recorded of both our client and us for safety. We keep information like Address, E-mail, Payment method, etc.

Our employees are also bound to protect the information of our clients. They never disclose any data of our clients to any third party. We ensure the client’s data will not be shown to whoever visits the website. We collect accurate information and cross-check them to make sure for submitting the work and billing purposes.

Email Policy

Clipping Path Experts will obtain your email address. But, it will never disclose your email to any outer party. We use our client’s email just to make business conversations, feedback for payment, etc.

We may use our client’s email to send our offers from time to time. We never send spam to any emails.

User Browsing Behavior-Web Analytics

Clipping Path Experts gather some generic information. It is done for the growth, development, and success of the website. We do not disclose the identity of the visitors. We keep records of our visitors like, what he/she clicked on, how long he/she was on our website, which pages he/she visited etc. The information of the visitors helps us to know what visitors want. What other things we can do to develop our website. We also offer services to the regular visitors of our website.

We also do web analysis sometimes, by which we know about our visitor’s tastes. We know the behavior of our visitors. We can know if the visitors are engaging with our website or not. We gather that knowledge that what we can do to change our visitor’s behavior positively.

Cookies Policy

There are some small files we send from our server to your computer, called cookies. We get the notification each time you visit our website with the help of cookies. Cookies let us know what type of browser or pages you visit. Out traffic cookie, then suggest you the pages you may like.

By cookies, we protect our client’s data and other information. We can access your computer hard drive once you accept our cookies. You also can decline our cookie request if you want. But, most of the time, the cookies get accepted automatically unless customized. We use traffic log cookies to know which pages are being visited. We find traffic log cookies more convenient and friendly than any other cookie.

We not only keep information about our clients, but also we keep information and data of the visitors. The cookies are automatically sent to the visitors to understand the behavior, like what browsers they log into and their likes and dislikes. Cookies let all that information known.

Accepting cookies is all up to you. If you do not want us to access your computer hard drive and don’t want us to let know your needs, you can decline our cookie request. We provide cookies to help others to meet their wants. Even if you accept our cookie, you can opt out anytime.

Privacy Policy Updates

We keep updating our privacy policy according to the change in the system. In between everything, we keep your information secret. If you want to know any information about our website, you can mail us at [email protected]. We are always here to hear from you.