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Save your time on vector conversion and get images edited from us that you can print in every size. We ensure you get the perfect converted vector image that you can enlarge as much as you want and can use anywhere.

What is the vector conversion service?

In their natural condition, most images are raster files with filenames ending in.jpg,.png,.gif,.pdf, or.psd. Raster images are usually created for fixed dimensions. Therefore, they are ideally used on eCommerce websites, albums, and small printing. However, suppose you enlarge raster files to fit on a large poster. In that case, the graphics can become pixelated depending on the image’s quality.

Vector files have a far more mathematical feel to them. They’re composed of straight and curved lines created by a continuous sequence on a graph having an X and Y-axis. It is made or converted using Adobe Illustrator. In addition, vector graphics can be expanded to any size without losing quality because they aren’t made up of pixels.
One suitable method to convert a raster to a vector image is hand-recreating it. However, to convert a raster image to a vector image, you must manually recreate it in vector format. Although this process can be automated, the outcomes are rarely satisfactory.

Automatic raster-to-vector conversion produces massive, color-limited files that are typically incorrect. The software reduces boundaries and objects from the image’s colors, but it rarely succeeds. Most printed products benefit from vector files, such as banners, business cards, t-shirts, and mugs. They’re also helpful in sharpening older, fuzzier visuals or images that are only available in low-resolution formats. If you’re making a new design or logo? Using the vector will assist you in avoiding any warping or loss of quality when you resize or print it.

When do you need the vector conversion service?

Suppose you are annoyed with the low-quality images or logos. In that case, Clipping Path Experts gives you the solutions by providing Raster to Vector services at the lowest cost. In addition, we precisely duplicate the original design by hand, allowing you to use your graphics on everything from banners for your next trade fair to t-shirts for your team to billboards.

Some of our vector conversion samples

Vector conversion costs

Photographers, Studio managers, and designers know the images are not the same. In addition, it differs in some categories based on their complexity, so the rates for each project vary. However, we would like to follow the standard pricing guidelines to ensure clean and reasonable rates. Look at the categories below to understand your job type and pricing budget.

Logos represent a business. It’s essential to ensure that the company’s logo in their promotions should be of high quality. Sometimes a company may need a vector logo file as it works best for printing, but they only have the raster file. This is where they need a Raster to Vector logo conversion. We provide this service at the best rates depending on their complexity which are as follows:

Simple Logo Conversion
$3.85 per image

Perfect for logos that are simple and minimalistic. They are made of fewer curves and more straight lines. So we need to do a simple clipping path on them. They are mostly flat icons without hectic illustrations.

Medium Logo Conversion
$8.85 per image

Such logo vector conversions feature slightly more complicated structures, frequently built of many components, intricate and curved lines, three or more colors, or additional text.

Complex Logo Conversion
$15.85 per image

It is necessary to use complex logo vector conversion when constructing logos with a great deal of complexity, complicated edges, and various colors or shades.

Vector artworks are files that are made up of simple shapes and typography. They get used in eCommerce sites or printed promotions. And if you want to use such designs for printing, then converting them into a vector file will be necessary. Our vector artwork conversion service offers such types of conversions. And the pricing rates are affordable, but it depends on the complexity of the design. Our complexities of Artwork to vector conversion are as follows:

Simple Vector Artwork
$8.85 per image

This technique is required to convert graphics with simple forms, minimal text, and a few different colors into vector files.

Medium Vector Artwork
$20.85 per image

In addition, words with intricate calligraphy or typography are frequently updated with new artworks in this service.

Complex Vector Artwork
$40.85 per image

Some artwork requires a high complexity vector conversion. These are the images that had complex shapes, detailed linework, etc.

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We make sure the service is done accurately.
We don’t use any automated software.
We offer reasonable rates starting from just 25¢ per image.

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We have a very easy working process for our beloved clients. It is completely hassle-free so that our clients can get a quote, place an order and download the completed projects in the fastest and simplest way. You can get more information about our working process and other things from our FAQ page.

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