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The competition these E-commerce vendors have these days is heating the market every moment. They are so busy competing with one another that they have become almost desperate to use every strategy to beat their rival. So, what better tactic than exhibiting winsome product photos to their customers?

Isn’t seeing the product photo first and then deciding to buy it later a customer does? So, to attract a permanent client, one surely needs to include eye-catching images on their e-commerce platform. 

Seeing the importance of these images, most sellers like to outsource multi-clipping path services for their product niche. These services are always a must to make the photos engaging!

We, Clipping Path experts, can do this job for you with efficiency and expertise! Because these tasks require a heart-free and experienced group of workers while we have all the credentials, we can be the best candidate for you! Our vast team of talented workers and experienced individuals can make every path smooth and every edge solid as a rock! So, are you looking for a mythical multi-clipping path service? Well, look no further! We can provide you with this service in minimal time and negotiable price like a perfectionist.

What is Multi Clipping Path, and when is it needed?

Multi Clipping path is more of a perplexing clipping path technique used to isolate different parts of a photo. We disintegrate the significant elements of an image with this method using the Photoshop pen tool. So that proper color correction and retouching can be done on those individual parts later.

Taking multiple clipping paths from a clipping path company saves you time and effort in erasing the background. Still, it also saves you money by avoiding the expense of shooting again if the product’s color or shadows need to be corrected.

It is needed in the following situations –

  • When selecting a particular area of an image to color-correct that part
  • When removing an unwanted object from an image
  • When retouching the specific object

Types of Multiple Clipping Paths

Basic Multiple Clipping Path

The basic multi-clipping path is the best for selecting objects with very straight or smooth edges in the interior and exterior.

  • Sunglasses or eyeglasses
  • Electronics with screens
  • Modular desks and tables
  • Smartwatches
  • Simple objects of two or three colors

Simple Multiple Clipping Path

The simple multiple clipping path is best for selecting objects with curved or few straight edges in both the interior and exterior.

  • Jackets or folded dress shirts
  • Stacks of solid color fabrics
  • Groups of crockeries
  • Single items with more than 3 “holes.”

Medium Multiple Clipping Path

We do a medium multiple clipping path on the complete garment product photographs. For example, an outfit might have a different section. Therefore, we create numerous clipping paths in every area to isolate them in multiple layers. It is helpful in clothing photo editing.

  • Models with pants, shirts, and accessories
  • Fully customizable objects like shoes/jackets/shirts/accessories together

Complex Multiple Clipping Path

Many images are very complex and have too many sections. Therefore, a difficult multiple clipping path isolates those objects in several layers. So the background removal gets easier.

  • Furniture with multiple cut-outs
  • Complicated jewelry
  • A group of multiple objects
  • A group of multiple people or animals
  • Complex object with more than 6 “holes.”

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