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Clipping Path Experts (CPE) an offshore digital graphic studio providing Photoshop clipping path service, Photoshop masking, photo retouching, drop shadow, raster to vector conversion, image manipulation and other Photoshop services

Perfect Photoshop Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Experts is popularly known for providing image editing services. We provide professional photo editing services which include Photoshop Clipping Path, Image cut out service, Image Masking Service, Image Retouching Service,  Color Correction Service, Ghost Mannequin Service, Drop Shadow service, multiple clipping path service, and some other services. Our professional photoshop services team is highly qualified in using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Illustrator. Our professional team is extremely experienced to make the images look realistic and attractive. Our quality Photoshop clipping path service always makes sure a better conversion rate of your company that helps to make your business more profitable. We make several chances for you to belong to our new clients and ever customers to reduce the risk of your business offering no payments before completion. Excellent confidently make us more energetic provide the customer's demand. So enjoy our Photoshop clipping path services with affordable and cheap prices.

Clipping Path Experts is one of the leading images Editing Services Company and best clipping path services provider. We have been working in the clipping path industry efficiently for more than 10 years. We have our own production site in Dhaka, Bangladesh. But, we provide our services globally to people from USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Philippines, France, England and many more countries. We can ensure 100% quality service at low cost as we are a specialist in it. We, not only concerned about quality, but we also increase the quantity at a minimum time. We follow a strict deadline by when the works should be done, which is also followed by our designers. Our team is very dedicated and potential to provide a range of services including Photoshop Clipping Path Service, Image Masking, Photo Retouching and some other image editing services. The Photoshop clipping path service is indeed a laborious task which needs much precision. Being a part of a non-core business outsourcing, it will be very easy for you to get these performed efficiently. You can now achieve overall efficiency and increase your profits by our image conversion services. We also work on emergent images given by our clients on urgent basis. You can outsource any of your professional image editing needs and give your business a cutting-edge in the worldwide market.

We believe that quality is very much important to grow the business. And our professional team provides 100% quality Photoshop clipping path service. We motivate our designers to work faster while image editing with high quality. Our designers are given a limited period of time by which they have to complete their works. We ensure quicker deliveries to our clients so that you can easily save your time and money. Get the deliveries timely of our high-quality Photoshop Clipping Path service that will really impress your customers. You must get good feedback from your customers by working with us who will definitely be loyal to your company.



Our Popular Services

Clipping Path Service is mostly known for its various services like Background Removal Service, Image Masking Service, Photo Retouching Service, Color Correction Service which are very popular in image editing industry. We are providing Photoshop Clipping Path services since 10 years by our skilled professional designers. We offer a handsome discount on a bulk image. All our services are taken by our clients in a large number and we get positive feedbacks from our clients every time. Here, we are giving you a gist of our popular services below.



Clipping Path Service is the best technique to remove unwanted background from your images. The background is one of the most important parts of an image. Among all the image editing services, Clipping path service or background removal service is the most renowned and taken by a huge number of clients. Our existing customers demand their product image to remove the background and replace the white and colored background. Our expert team provides for replacing their image white and colored background service. We ensure quality background removal service which has no alternative process. Our experts use Photoshop Pen Tool for background removal service. Our experts are also doing 100% handmade image processing service for our clients. This is undoubtedly the most innovative service that Clipping Path Experts offers. more details
The Image Masking is a technique, we are using on an image where there is no possibility to use clipping mask. Image masking is done after clipping path service. Clipping Path Experts has experienced design professionals who work effectively to create Image Masking with perfection to satisfy the clients. Sometimes, clipping path cannot suffice to hold each and every detail of an image to put a mask on. But, image masking is an amazing tool which retains each and every complicated detail of an image applying the best method and tools. Image masking is mostly used for hair and flesh masking. These are the toughest task to do. But, our professional team works on hair, flesh and skin masking with high quality. Our image masking experts are ready to provide various kind of image masking service like Regular Masking, Color Masking, Channel Masking, Layer Masking and Alpha Channel Masking. more details
Having wrinkles, spots, dots, sketch and some of the blemish by which your image gets unimportant. Photoshop retouching is such kind of solution to remove these and make your image elegant. Few kinds of photo retouching services we provide such as removing blemishes and spots, reducing dark circles, smoothing the wrinkles, skin softening, lighting, sharpening, darkness, restoring the old torn photographs and many others. Photo retouching service is perfect for the photographers, modeling agencies, e-commerce websites, photography studios, designing agencies and so on. Our professional team uses the most updated tools and techniques for image retouching service. Few effective tools like clone stamp tool, healing brush tool and spot healing brush tool of Photoshop are used for retouching service. We ensure you 100% quality work in Photo Retouching which satisfies our clients. more details
Create a realistic look to your object to make the image more natural by adding a drop shadow. Adding a shadow gives a sense to a real image which shows the natural effect from the surface of an image. It can give a duplicate copy of the image as shadow using Photoshop path term. Our professional team uses latest techniques to add a drop shadow for the natural look. Our experts can also create the 3d effect to the image which makes an image more attractive. We are offering 3 types of drop shadow service such as Soft Shadow, Reflection Shadow, and Original Shadow. Each type of drop shadow service gives different outcomes to the images you want to create shadows in. more details
Image manipulation is a highly popular art of transforming an image to another image. It is also known as Neck Joint Service. This particular Ghost Mannequin editing system works very effectively for product presentation. It is also possible to remove the background, add or remove an object, mix and match pictures, changing the color and so on. Ghost Mannequin service helps you to get your image an excellent look which you can use for promoting your products. Ghost mannequin service is mostly used by garment industries. Our professional team uses the most updated Adobe Application for separating a garment product from a mannequin. Adobe Photoshop is used by our most experienced designers for providing the best ghost mannequin service with 100% quality in a lesser time. more details
Do you have logos and raster image about poor resolution? Convert low-quality images and logos to the high quality by Raster to Vector or Vector Conversion Service. Raster images are bitmapped images which are created by pixels. So when you zoom in the raster images, you will see that the pixels of the images are breaking which causes an unclear image. On the other hand, vector images are high-quality images which are usually are clear than the raster images. Clipping Path Experts offers raster to vector conversion service that can increase the resolution of the image as per your need. Our expert team converts raster images to vector image very skillfully by using the best techniques. We ensure you 100% quality and handy work by professionals. more details
Mirror Effect or Reflection Shadow gives you a graphical effect into your 2D image and make it a glass illusion. Clipping Path Experts can apply a mirror effect/reflection shadow into your image to provide creative look. Mirror Effect Service makes a flat image looks elegant and classy. If you want your product to give a natural look, you should go for mirror effect service. Cause mirror effect is created from the surface of a product which shows the originality of an image even though it is artificial. Clipping Path Experts uses the latest method for creating mirror effect to an image by the very experienced and professional designers. Our designers are highly skilled in this service and put their maximum effort to give a great outcome. more details
If an image is a body, color is the soul of an image. No image can attract people if the color of the image is wrongly adjusted. It is possible to put right color and adjust the level of the color by Color Correction Service. Currently, it is a very famous image editing service. We can change or adjust your mentioned color into the objects that have to be made more creative and productive with the color correction service. Color correction is used in different types of photography, such as nature photography, model photography, product photography, fashion photography and so on. Clipping path Experts provides this service by skilled designers who are work day and night to provide 100% satisfactory work to the clients. more details

Our Offers

Clipping path service is best known for the offers we provide. We offer a discount to the clients to take our service in bulk. One of our major offers is to provide quick and emergent service and quick delivery of the images to our clients. Other than these, we offer some other effective incentives which are given below.

  • Free trial
  • More than 100 designers experienced in all image editing services
  • 100% quality work
  • Designers Work in 2 shifts to fulfill the client's demand (Day and Night)
  • Use of our own FTP server to make secured our client's images.

Our Special Services

We have an expert team for different kinds of Photoshop image editing services. There are a lot of image manipulating services we work on. But we have special team for some special Photoshop Image Editing Services which is included

  • Clipping Path Service
  • Photo Retouching Service
  • Image Masking Service
  • Drop Shadow Service
  • Mirror effect Service
  • Color Correction Service
  • Raster to Vector Service
  • Ghost Mannequin Service

Why choose us

Making a good reputation through the outsourcing business such as image editing company is not an easy task at all. We have been providing all sorts of image treatments like Photoshop clipping path service, image masking, raster to vector conversion, photo retouching and shadow services for several years. We are pointing out some of our major criteria below

  • No upfront payments
  • Low-cost Tags
  • Well trained designers
  • Large scalability
  • Satisfaction accuracy work
  • Return edited images time specified
  • 24/7 working hour
  • Prioritize on both quality and quantity

Clipping Path Experts Offers

Easy & Secured Payment Methods

Security is one of the major aspects we are concerned about. We offer our clients secured and hassle free payment through PayPal as our preferred payment method. You can also make your payment through Credit/Debit Card or Bank Wire transfer.

100% Quality Ensured

We prioritize the quality more than quantity. Every single image of our clients is checked and rechecked by our professional team to ensure the 100% quality work. To make sure the quality of the images, we follow 3 step of processing quality images.

100% Secured Image Transfer

Photography is something which is must to be copyright. Copyright images cannot be used without the permission of the Photographers. To ensure the security of our client's photographs, we use our won secured FTP (File Transfer Protocol) service to Upload/Download images. We are also using Wetransfer/Dropbox for the clients who like to use Web media for transferring image.

Discount on High Volume

Discount offers are always amazing which anyone can get. We are offering amazing discount offer for a high volume of images. If you want to get the discount on High Volume images, CLICK HERE to follow and fill the form properly. You can also make your own opinion and just the quality of our service by sending sample images to us. FREE TRIAL

Quick Service

We offer you Rush Service by which you will get the services immediately and in a short period of time. The reasonable extra charge is applicable for going for our rush service.

On Time Delivery

Time is definitely an important factor while delivering the images to the clients. Our professional team put their full effort to make the works done before the delivery time.

How it works

How we process our works and get our customer happy

request for budget/quote

receive quote/budget within short time.

approve & process

after approving the quote/budget, we start processing the job.

download the images

once the job has been completed, we deliver to you via FTP/WebMedia

make payment

once you satisfied, we send you the invoice to make the payment.


  • I was very impressed with CPE’s quality and fast service. This was my first time using an outside clipping service. I communicated with three candidates but only CPE responded quickly and with excellent quality of work. I highly recommend them.
    Eddi, EMD Global LLC
  • The Clipping Path Experts were excellent! They are quick to respond and deliver perfect quality work. I will be using them from now on.
    Spencer : Spencer Wallace Photo
  • The Clipping Path Experts deliver more accurate image masks than our previous vendor, and their fast turnaround doubled the productivity of our in-house graphic designer.
    -Gill, CON2R

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