How it works / Our working process

How it works - request for a quotation

Step 1

Request a quote/budget

You request a quotation/budget for the job before placing the order – select the job type, enter the quantity, choose the delivery time, and select the format you want to receive the image with. Attach some images for getting an idea about the project. Write down the instruction and submit the form.

Step 2

Review and Proposal

After reviewing the images, we reply with the best price for the job/project within a short time.

How it works - review and reply with proposal
How it works - once approved the quote, upload images for work.

Step 3

Approve & Upload images

Once you approved the quotation, upload your images via your web portal, dropbox, wetransfer, or FTP. We accept the following type of images.

  • jpg
  • png
  • psd
  • tiff
  • cr2
  • dng
  • raw
  • pdf

Step 4

Start processing the job

Once we received your images with the instruction, file format, and delivery turnaround time, we’ll start processing the job. We carefully edit the images. Every image is double-checked for quality before sending them to you.

Enjoy your time while we edit your images.

How it works - we are working while you sleep or enjoy!
How it works - received your images within the time.

Step 5

Download finished images

Once we finished the job, we’ll send you an email with the link to download the files.

Step 6

Payment and Feedback

Make the payment (after receiving the invoice) when you are fully satisfied.
Leave feedback about our services.

How it works - satisfy, make payment, leave feedback.

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