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Clipping Path is used to isolate the object from the image. It helps to remove or replace backgrounds. We use this technique to do photo cut out or edit specific areas of the images.

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Outsource Photoshop Clipping Path

Clipping Path is a basic photo technique to cut out the subject from the background accurately. It allows you to change the object’s background of the image to anything you want. It’s just like cutting out pictures from newspapers or magazines. The difference is that it’s digital. For example, you can apply white background for selling your products online or display the thing anywhere, like posters, flyers, books, etc. Manually hand-drawn clipping path will make your image sharp and attractive. 

Another clipping path technique used for more complex edges is photoshop image masking; it’s used when you’re cutting out an object with fur or hair. It is also known as the Image Background removal, Photo Cutout service, Silhouette, Deep Etching, Closed Vector Paths, etc.

The clipping path service allows you to change the object’s background or the image to anything you want. For example, you can apply white background for selling your products online or display the thing anywhere, like posters, flyers, books, etc. 

Types of Photoshop Clipping Paths

Photographers, Studio managers, and designers know the images are not the same. In addition, it differs in some categories based on their complexity, so the rates for each project vary. However, we would like to follow the standard pricing guidelines to ensure clean and reasonable rates. Look at the categories below to understand your job type and pricing budget. You can also take a free trial to check our work quality.

Basic Clipping Path

The basic clipping path is generally applied in straight or rectangular products with no holes or minimum holes. The objects should be simple shapes like a bottle, box, wine glass, etc. Generally, there are fewer curves for the simple clipping path or photo cutout service.

  • Pixel perfect paths
  • Objects with no holes and fewer curves
  • Discounts on bulk order
  • On-time delivery guaranteed
Basic Clipping Path Sample

Simple Clipping Path

The simple clipping path or photo cutout is applied primarily on a few curves and holes products. The holes and turns are more than the products of a simple clipping path. These products can be handbags, shoes, cups, etc.

  • Manually Hand-drawn Paths
  • Objects with few holes and simple curves
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Get discounts on bulk order
Simple Clipping Path Sample

Medium Clipping Path

The Medium clipping path or photo cutout includes multiple holes and multiple curves. It is generally more complicated than the compound clipping path. For example, removing the background of a medium-complex image like an earring is more complex as we need to make more anchor points. But our expert designers use manual methods to ensure the paths are correctly done around the whole object.

  • Discounts on bulk orders
  • 100% Accurate paths
  • Objects that have multiple holes and curves
  • Get images delivered on time
Medium Clipping Path Sample

Complex Clipping Path

The Complex clipping path or image cutout service is applied in the products, which are detailed and not so solid. As an example, a necklace is a complex product. A high number of anchor points or multiple clipping path service are used in the bracelet or chain. Cause necklaces usually remain long and have a large number of holes. Our complex clipping paths help you remove the background of any complex product, such as machines, chains, furniture groups, bracelets, jewelry, etc. And you’ll get this service at the most affordable rates.

  • For complex objects with multiple curves and holes
  • Multiple clipping paths are done
  • Accurately hand Drawn paths
  • Discounts will be given on bulk orders
Complex Clipping Path Sample

Super Complex Clipping Path

The Super complex clipping path is usually applied on giant products with double holes and many loops. It is used in complicated designs like fences, zigzags, cross designs, etc. Moreover, it is applied in various products like chains, nets, cycles, dolls, etc. We ensure you get the best super complex clipping paths at the lowest rates possible.

  • For more complex objects 
  • Has multiple small holes and curves
  • Discounts will be provided on bulk quantity order
  • Pixel perfect paths using the pen tool
Super Complex Clipping Path Sample

Extra Super Complex Clipping Path

The Extra super complex clipping path is done on images with multiple objects with too many curves and loops. It can be a group of jewelry, bicycles, chairs, nets, chains, etc. We will use our expertise to create a path on even the most minor image portion where some backgrounds need to be removed.

  • For extra complex objects with a lot of curves and holes
  • Each hole and object will have clipping paths
  • Accurately done using the pen tool
  • Avail discounts by giving bulk order
Extra Super Complex Clipping Path Sample

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You may need this service in the following situations-

  • When you need to remove or cut out the background from an image.
  • When selecting a particular area of an image, color-correct that part.
  • When removing an unwanted object from an image.

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