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A wedding is one of the most critical days in a couple’s life. So, capturing beautiful moments is a must. Of course, every couple hoped for the most perfect and catchy pictures. But, wedding photography is incomplete without photo editing.

Wedding photo editing service makes the pictures more flawless by removing all the obstacles lacking the photo. So, wedding photo editing has become one of the essential aspects, and we do the editing work very precisely for you using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

What do we do in the wedding photo editing service?


We do the basic and advanced photo retouching work that makes the wedding photo look amazing. Some of the retouching works we do in wedding photos are as follows

  • Remove skin wrinkles.
  • Texture enhances.
  • Skin tone adjusts.
  • Split toning
wedding photo editing
wedding photo retouching

Background Editing

The background has a significant role in wedding photos. Our professional team will give your image the best look that you ever think. In addition, they will add or do background removal, making it more attractive to the people.

  • Removing background.
  • Enhance the background.
  • Makes it so realistic

Remove objects or people

Wedding photos focus only on couples, not any other objects. So don’t worry if your image has this kind of issue where some unwanted objects are causing distractions. Clipping path experts have the best designers who will remove unwanted objects from your wedding photos as accurately as possible.

Color correction

Sometimes the wedding photos captured by the photographer may look bland and dull as the colors don’t pop up. It happens due to the lighting conditions and the exposures. We edit such photos and apply color correction or color grading techniques to make your wedding photos pop up and more beautiful.

  • Color correction
  • Color grading
  • Hue/saturation adjustments
  • Exposure correction
  • White balance correction

Image Manipulation

Get attractive backgrounds, overlays, and effects on your photos. In this service, we replace your scenes and make them look realistic as if you took the photo in that scenery. We may also add different effects like falling leaves, snow, glitters, etc., as an image overlay. We may also add or remove any person or object in your image. And make sure your wedding images are worth it for your wedding albums.

  • Change or replace scenes
  • Adding Overlays and effects
  • Adding people or objects
  • Restoring old photos

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Types of wedding photo editing services

Bridal Photo Editing

From getting ready to celebrate the moments, the bride should look gorgeous. It only happens when this special day comes into her life. She deserves to be well photographed at every moment, but photographers can’t take a good photo every time. So our professionals give a glamour touch to make the images more beautiful and make them loved by the bride.

  • Skin retouching (wrinkles & blemishes removal)
  • Highlight, brightness & contrast adjustment
  • Adding color vibrancy
  • Sharpening & noise reduction
  • White balance & exposure correction

Groom Photo Editing

The bride’s other half should be pampered too. He deserves to look very smart on his special occasion. Photographers take portraits of him. Clipping Path Experts do the necessary portrait retouching work that makes the groom more dashing and stylish.

  • Skin tone fixing
  • Sharpness, contrast & brightness adjustments
  • Color enhancement & correction
  • Skin imperfection retouching
  • Adding clarity and vibrancy

Family or Group Photo Editing

Not just you but your family will also look beautiful in the wedding photos. Family and friends matter to everyone, especially on occasions such as weddings. And it would be unfair if their photos don’t look suitable for your wedding album. That is why we edit those group portraits of your family and friends and make them look attractive in the wedding photos.

  • Face retouching
  • Background change
  • Adding or removing a person or object
  • Color correction
  • Image Restoration

Wedding Details editing

Some details are worth storing in your albums, and we make sure they look worthy. You would love to keep some details or objects in your wedding album. For example – Photos of wedding rings, stage decorations, flower bouquets, wedding jewelry, groom’s accessories, etc. We edit photos of these small details, making them look attractive and worth keeping in your wedding album.

  • Jewelry retouching
  • Object retouching
  • Add shine
  • Color change
  • Color grading

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Who needs wedding photo editing services?

Mostly wedding photographers and event planners outsource wedding photo retouching from photo editing companies. But the following are the ones who also take this service –

  • Freelance photographer
  • Photography studio
  • Magazine and printing company
  • Event management companies
  • Wedding photography services

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