Photo Retouching Services

Starting at 75¢ per image

Product photos that look beautiful sell the most for sure. Dull-looking images with flaws decrease your sales. We Fix all sorts of flaws from your images; whether dust, scratch, dent, blemishes, or big or small spots, we fix them all in our image retouching services.

What is the photo retouching service?

Photo retouching is also called Image retouching, Photoshop retouching – Is one of the most popular image editing services in the photography area. It’s is an excellent technique that helps you touch specific undesirable factors into your image using Adobe Photoshop. However, it’s impossible to get an image 100% flawless while taking the shot by the camera. Sometimes the issue couldn’t be addressed at the photoshoot, whether unwanted marks or annoying spots on the surface, imbalance of color or the problem of correct shaping.

It works both in product and model photography. In product photo retouching, you can cutout the unwanted objects using clipping path service and just focus on the main thing to get more improved and a definite photo. Any kind of unnecessary logo or tag can be removed by this service. Talking about the model photo retouching, you can make many changes at its best. Remove unwanted spots, make a model’s tooth whiter, make anyone’s rough face smooth, and change the complexion. It works not only on product and model photography but also on wedding and outdoor photography. If you want to add any suitable object to your picture, it can be done by Photo Retouching Service.

When do you need the photo retouching service?

  • The camera has spots on the lens which need to remove.
  • The lens is good, but when you shot the photo. The product has a camera reflection.
  • You’ve taken the shot of cloths which has wrinkles that need to be removed.
  • Jewelry has dust, spots that need to be removed.
  • A slightly damaged image needs imperfection.
  • Need to add or replace a new object or remove an unwanted object from a photo.
  • Models have blemishes, spots, wrinkles that need to fix to look like beautiful glamour.

Types of retouching services we provide

Jewelry Retouching

Jewelry photos may sometimes have flaws in their colors. It happens most of the time because of wrong camera adjustments or minor environmental factors. This makes the jewelry images look unnatural and dull. We retouch such jewelry photos and enhance their colors using color correction methods on Photoshop. And we guarantee that the jewelry looks natural and the colors are popped up and eye-catching after jewelry retouching gets applied.

Clothing photo retouching

Clothing photos can have various kinds of flaws in them. For example, some may have wrinkles, irregular shapes, and dull colors. In such cases, we use clothing photo retouching to perfectly touch up the clothes to make them look flawless and attractive.

image retouching

Furniture photo retouching

Furniture is large-sized products, so any dust or scratch on them will be visible to the person seeing its photo. This is why we clean up or retouch furniture photos and remove all sorts of dust, scratches, unwanted objects, and spots from them. We may also do color correction and fix background issues using our color correction and background removal services. We also call this furniture photo editing.

Car photo retouching

Car photos need to look perfect and super attractive. They get used in all sorts of expensive promotional media like Magazines, Online Ads, various campaigns, etc. Suppose there are significant or even minor flaws like dust, scratches, spots, dents, etc. It will reduce the attraction of the car in the photo. In the car photo retouching, we remove such flaws from the image and make sure that the car looks super attractive and elegant.

Product Photo Retouching

Product photos are treated or retouched with extra care by our designers. The sole reason is that these images are the reasons for a business’s conversion. We offer such ecommerce product photo editing services at the lowest cost in the market. We retouch the products and make them look attractive so that it increases a company’s sales.

Glamour/Model photo retouching

Jewelry photos should always look natural. Non-shiny jewelry photos look unattractive and unnatural. Clipping path experts are experts in adding shine to jewelry photos. Take our jewelry photo retouching and get your jewelry to look shiny in the pictures.

Wedding photo retouching

Weddings are undoubtedly one of the most important moments in a couple’s life. They tend to keep the photos taken on their wedding day attached to their album for a lifetime. This is why the images need to be beautiful and graceful. The raw images taken by the camera need to be retouched to make them look gorgeous. In wedding photo retouching, we touch up those flaws in the wedding picture and turn them into memorable and graceful wedding photos.

Newborn Retouching

Newborn photos are most important for a family. One of the happiest moments for the parents when a baby is born. Every family carefully saves that moment as photos. We retouch those especially memorable photos to keep that memory alive every time.

Portrait Retouching

Portrait retouching service is a part of photo editing that helps you remove different flaws from a portrait photo, such as spots, blemishes, acne, etc., from the images. Portrait retouching service also helps with skin toning, straightening up the facial features of a portrait photo. There are two types of portrait retouching we provide which are –

Individual portraits retouching
There is only one individual in this type of portrait retouching. These photos are mainly used in fashion-related graphics or ads. Traditional portraits, self-portraits, headshots, and candid portraits fall under this category.

Group portraits retouching
In this type of portrait retouching, there should be multiple people in the photo. Some of the images that fall under this category are wedding portraits, family portraits, event portraits, etc.

Some of our photo retouching samples

Photo retouching costs

Photographers, Studio managers, and designers know the images are not the same. In addition, it differs in some categories based on their complexity, so the rates for each project vary. However, we would like to follow the standard pricing guidelines to ensure clean and reasonable rates. Look at the categories below to understand your job type and pricing budget.

There might be dust, spots, and scratches on the photos, which ruins the look of the image. Dust, spot, and scratch removal is a photo retouching service that is the best way of removing dust, spot, and scratch from simple to complex images. If you want your photos to be free from dust, spot, and blemish, then this photo retouching service is there for you.

Simple – 75¢ per image
  • Image with a few spots or dust
  • Lightly damaged photos
  • A tiny number of flaws
Complex – $2.85 per image
  • Vintage photos
  • Dusty or dirty images
  • Damaged products

Camera reflections on the product photos are annoying to see. Camera reflections make an image look gaudy. Camera reflection removal is an excellent retouching service for photos that reflect the objects. It removes all the camera reflections and produces clean and pixel-perfect images.

Simple – 65¢ per image
  • Sunglasses or glasses
  • Small reflective area
  • A tiny number of reflections
Complex – $3.85 per image
  • Jewelry / Home interiors
  • Large stainless steel appliances
  • Groupings of multiple reflective products

This is a part of a photo retouching service where wrinkles or creases are removed from the products made from fabric. The main goal is to make that fabric look plain and crease-free. It falls under the clothing photo editing or retouching service category. Clothes like shirts, dresses, pants, etc. are some products required for this service.

Simple – $1.25 per image
  • Slightly wrinkled
  • Solid apparel
Complex – $1.85 per image
  • Wrinkles on patterned fabrics
  • Wrinkles on printed fabrics

Beauty retouching is another term used to describe portrait or headshot retouching services. We retouch or remove spots, blemishes, stretch marks, etc., from portraits and other such photos. Some people prefer this service as beauty airbrushing or glamour retouching.

Simple – $1.35 per image
  • A light touchup on your models
  • Removing small scars, tattoos, or other blemishes
  • Whitening teeth or Removing stray hairs
Complex – $3.85 per image
  • Adjusting your model’s features
  • Adding or changing makeup
  • Making major changes to your subject’s appearance

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