Landscape Photography Ideas

Landscape photography is such a photography genre where a person finds peace. It is among the ones where you can get amidst nature and capture the beauty of it. You can feel the nature and it’s amazement through this kind of photography.

Landscape photography is not as easy as it sounds though. It is a slow process. You have to master this skill with patience and organically. You cannot haste into learning this. There are lots of digital landscape photography tips that can help you capture great photos of the landscape.

Still you will need some additional ideas on how to improve this photography genre naturally. In this article I’ll show you the best landscape photography ideas that will surely help you become a great natural landscape photographer.

Choose the Best Camera Gears

There is lots of camera that is suitable for landscape photography. You cannot actually compare all of them depending on the quality because they all are quite alike. Still depending on the brand image and other exceptional advantages like waterproof body, hard and strength body, etc we have listed the tops camera for capturing landscape photos which are easy to carry too –

• Nikon D850
• Canon 5D Mark IV
• Sony A7R III
• Canon EOS R
• Fujifilm X-T3
• Nikon D5600
• Fuji GFX 50S


Landscape Photography hacks

Landscape photography camera settings

OK to capture high quality landscape images you’ll need to properly set you camera settings. Now these are settings you should properly set for better photos – Keep the white balance to auto white balance mode (AWB), Use aperture priority mode (Av), Keep the focus to manual so that you can focus on any particular point of the whole image and lastly shoot in RAW.


Landscape Photography Ideas 2019


Try Different Compositions

A composition is the most important part of capturing landscapes. You should make people understand what are you are trying to show through your image. Composition is the ways you can make people understand that what exactly are you tried to portray through your landscape image. There are lots of photography composition examples which you can use to compose you landscape images properly. A good composition will help you increase the engagement rate of your photos.


Landscape Photography Tips and Tricks


Shoot in Natural Light

Light is the king when it comes to photography. Light helps you capture sharp images of the landscape. With the correct amount light you can sow every detail of the land images you will capture. It will bring focus towards the mountains, tress, patterns and almost everything on the scene. Natural light is the best source of light for photography because it keeps everything on the frame sharp and the photos comes of great quality. Use natural light for your landscape photos for attracting more people.


Landscape Photography Ideas for Beginners


Use Tripod

While capturing a landscape image you may have to go to great heights like windy mountain peaks and hilly areas. This is where the wind makes your hands shake while capturing photos. You cannot focus properly on the scene. This is why you should carry a tripod and place the camera on it to capture photos as it will help you keep the camera in a stable position which won’t shake the photo. This is why carry and use a Tripod for capturing nature and landscape photographs.


Top 9 Landscape Photography Tips


Avoid Using Flash

Flash is not all the time very helpful to get great landscape photographs. Sometimes using it may cause you a disadvantage for your photography. Because a landscape photo should be natural and using the flash may banish that natural element from your landscape photo. Flash is something which gives you an additional light. But it is not actually a good choice to use when you are doing outdoor landscape photography. If you do not want to ruin your landscape photography then it would be best if you do not use flash while doing landscape photography. Rather, switch off the flash of your camera too.



Shoot from Wide Angles

Different angles give you different perspectives of a photograph. Talking about the landscape photography, there are vast scopes of making your landscape photography looks creative. Wide-angle focal points are favored for scene photography since they can demonstrate a more extensive view, and consequently give a feeling of wide open space. As it is a landscape, shooting wide would be the best. I have visited many of the places where I clicked different landscape photographs using various angles. But no other angle satisfied me as much as the wide angle. As I shot the landscape photography with wide angle, I could actually capture the whole scenery in my camera frame. So I would give this landscape photography tip to shoot landscape photos using wide angle.


Landscape Photography Ideas


Shoot at Night

The beauty of the nature is different in the day time and very different at night. But in both cases, the landscape looks amazing. Most of us are more inclined about shooting the landscape photos at the day time. But do you know how beautiful a landscape photograph can be seen at night if you photograph is properly? When you shoot landscape photography at night, you need to be very careful and should have better ideas so that you can take good photos. You should not use flash anyway for extra light. Instead of that, you can use a Softbox which gives you a soft light that is required for shooting at night. Shooting at night can also be called low light landscape photography. Click the photos of the nature, the sky, lights around the landscape etc. Trust me; you will get some smashing landscape photographs.


Landscape Photography Ideas


Photo Editing

After applying all other landscape photography techniques, the last thing that you should do to make your landscape photography look best is go for photo editing. You can shoot the landscape photographs raw. But make the photos go for editing so that your photos come out amazingly. Different photo editing techniques you can use in your landscape photographs. There are different photo editing companies that are serving great photo editing services at lower cost. You can take help from any of the photo editing service companies or you can do it by yourself if you know the works of Photoshop.


What are the Tips for Landscape Photography?



Doing landscape photography is difficult as well as fun. All the professional photographers have their own strategy and style of landscape photography. But these 9 tips of landscape photography I have given you will definitely help you to make some great professional landscape photographs. To enhance the capacity of clicking the landscape photographs, you may need to apply these techniques and be a professional landscape photographer.

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