Outdoor Natural Light Photography Tips

Capturing photographs indoor is a fun activity but capturing photographs outdoor is always a memory worth remembering. Outdoor photography is about more than just having fun. You literally get to enjoy the moment rather spending it on a couch indoor.

Every photographer at least once in his life will plan on capturing outdoor natural light photography. The most important reason for it would be just to relax amidst nature and create moments while travelling and capture photos of amazing outdoor landscapes. But before setting off to an adventure of capturing photos outdoor a photographer will need to make a plan of the things he should take on the trip. He should also have proper idea about capturing an outdoor photograph. So in this article we’ll talk about some great and indulging outdoor natural light photography tips.

These tips will blow off your minds and you for sure will capture photographs that will make people stunned!

Choose the Best Gadgets

Gadgets are quite necessary for capturing photos in outdoor places. You cannot carry heavy gadgets as well as you cannot even avoid taking important ones. This is why you should pack you camera bag with all the necessary gadgets for photo shoot. The most important gadgets are the camera body, lens, flash, tripod and batteries. These are the gadgets you must take while going for an outdoor shoot.

Natural Light Photography Outdoor Tips

Create a Depth of Field

There is an important technique you should know and learn before going on any outdoor photoshoot. This technique is known as a depth of field effect. Depth of field means the area of distance between the subject and the background. Depth of field effect helps you to make the subject stand out in the whole scene. This effect will blur the background and will focus on the subject. To control the depth of filed you’ll need to use a lower aperture for more depth and higher for less depth.

Outdoor Natural Light Photography Tips and Techniques

Try Different Compositions

Composition helps you to tell a story with your image. A well composed image tells the viewer about the scene. It describes the story of the photo. To keep your photos composed you will need to use some composition techniques like Rule of thirds, Leading lines, golden ratio, symmetrical balance, etc. Using these composition rules you can simply make the photo engaging and attractive. This will be loved by each and every people.

Natural Light Photography Tips for Outdoor

Shoot in Raw

Whenever you capture any sort of photo using a dslr always remember to shoot in RAW. Shooting in RAW mode helps you to retain all the data of the images stored. You can edit as much as you want on a raw image it will not change the actual images data. It will just show how the image might look after the adjustments. The actual image will be safe from getting damaged or pixilated like a JPEG image does. So capture images on RAW.

Natural Light Photography Tricks for Outdoor

Post Processing

Every professional or amateur photographer post processes their images. Post processing helps you to enhance the beauty of the photograph. You can also remove blemishes or can balance the colors using photo editing. People with well knowledge of Photoshop and Lightroom can generally edit pictures professionally like a photo editing service provider does. But you can also edit or retouch your outdoor photos using Photoshop Lightroom using photo editing tips and tutorials found online.

Tips and Tricks for Outdoor Natural Light Photography

Shoot in the Best Time of the Day

If you think about taking the photo in a natural light, you have to think about few things. That day I was doing photography under the natural sunlight. Before going, I was actually thinking and discovering that what time could be the best for clicking photo in sunlight. This is one thing that you have to have in your head before going for it. I found out that the early morning and the late afternoon are the best times for shooting photos outdoor under the natural sunlight. Those times are best because it is not too hot that time and you will get the best natural light and color going for shoot in those times.

Outdoor Natural Light Photography Tips

Choose Models Wisely

In a photograph, the models of the photo represent your story which you are trying to convey through the photos. Here, the models play vital roles to enhance the beauty of your photo by their looks and expressions. So you have to choose the models for your outdoor photography very carefully. Before choosing the model you can check if they have any experience or not. You can take a screen test before deciding who to take and who not to. But if you want to shoot with inexperienced model, you can also do that. But make sure that the model has good expressions.

What are the best tips for Outdoor Natural Light Photography ?

Select Proper Clothes and Make-up

Photography is the mixture of everything. Even one wrong thing may ruin your entire photograph. As we are talking about outdoor photography tips in natural light, we have to think about the clothes and make-ups of the model. Not every cloth and make-up goes with the sunlight. If you select heavy cloths and gorgeous make-up while shooting in natural light, it will not prove as a good idea. You will get a flop photo. You have to select very light cloths and minimal make-up for shooting in natural light. You can choose vibrant color cloths which helps to standout the photo color as well. Proper clothes and make-up is a part of tips for fashion photography too.

Outdoor Natural Light Photography Tips

Take Continuous Shots

Shooting under natural light sometimes may cause some flaws. You may get your photos burnt due to the natural sunlight. You cannot get the perfect photo in just one shot. So it is better to take continuous shots of that particular subject. Keep your shutter speed high and ISO low. It will help you to click continuously as many shot as you want to. If you do not get the perfect shot in one click, you will definitely get at least one perfect shot by shooting continuously.

Photography Tips for Natural Light Outdoor

Capture Candid

There has to be natural photos in natural light. I am saying that based on a photography which is my personal favorite and that is candid photographs. If you do not know how to take candids you should know that. In the natural sunlight when people are doing their own stuffs you will get to see some natural expressions. That is when you should click the photo of them to get the natural expressions in the frame.

Tips and Tricks for Outdoor Natural Light Photography


Lighting in a photograph plays a vital role. You definitely would want great lighting for great photography. Nothing can be better than using the natural light while you are photographing. When you are shooting outdoor, you do not need additional lighting sets but the natural sunlight will work for that. So these tips which I have given here will help you to shoot under natural light outdoor in professional way.

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