portrait photography tips

Portrait Photography is one kind of photograph which narrates the feeling and the emotion of the subject. Portrait photos usually are a photo of a human. The portrait photographs are named portrait because it tries to portray a story of the human beings.  The photo can contain one person or it can be a group of people in the portrait photographs. To click perfect portrait photographs is not everyone’s cup of tea. You should be very careful while capturing a portrait photograph. You need to apply some portrait photography tips and tricks to click a picture perfect photograph. Here I will discuss 9 portrait photography hacks which will give you excellent portrait Photograph.  From the following tips give you a clear idea, how to take perfect photography.

portrait photography tips

  • Know your subject

Before clicking the photos of the subject, you need to know the subject or the person. You should know the details about the subject. Talk to the subject and interact. Make a connection to make him/her/them get easy. Connection with the subject will make both sides comfortable equally and the photography process would be easy too.

  • Build a Story

Portrait photographs are incomplete and failure if it does not tell a story. While interacting with the subject, ask questions and stories of them. You will get many expressions when your subject is telling stories. The story of them might reflect on the face and the photo itself will tell a story about the subject and the photograph. This is also called concept. Story telling photographs can create magic on the viewers.

  • Use Lighting

Lights are very important part when it comes to photography. It is nearly impossible to get a perfect portrait photograph without lighting. Try to use lateral lighting most of the times while photography only when you are shooting outdoor. The natural sunlight gives a natural shade to the photograph by which the photo looks more natural. If you are shooting indoor, you can take a set of lights along with you so that you can get great photographs.

  • Use High Definition Lenses

Since portrait photography emphasizes more on the facial expressions of the subject, high-definition cameras and lenses should be used to click the expressions perfectly. High definition lenses will give you high-quality portrait photograph. It will give you a clear picture of the subject and the expressions.

  • Click candid photographs

Candid photographs are brilliant when it is taken in the right time. While talking with the subject or listening to the stories they are saying, hold the expressions without letting the subject know. That thing will make the photo more natural. You will one or multiple emotions of the faces by the photographs when you are clicking the photos in a candid way. It will give you at least one perfect portrait photograph.

  • Use Different Angles

When you are clicking portrait photographs, the subject should be visible from every side. While your subject or the person is talking or posing, click photographs from different angles. You will get the variety of looks from each and every angle of the photographs. Even if you do not get a picture perfect photograph from one angle, there is a high possibility that you will get a perfect photo from the other angles you have clicked photographs on.

  • Use Backgrounds

Backgrounds are very important in any kind of photograph. A background can make your portrait photograph awesome and worst at the same time. It depends on the background. You can use natural background or you also can make a background using different types of fabrics, colorful walls, White and various color boards behind the subject of your portrait photographs. For portrait photographs, natural background would be the best option. Do not highlight the background much that your subject looks faded in front of the background.

  • Unfocussed Clicks

When it comes to portrait photography, it is not important to click focusing on the subjects only. It can look good also if you click unfocused subject. You can keep the subject blur and just show some activities of the subject through unfocused clicks. That is also required and liked by many viewers. Or you can also just focus the subject and keep the surrounding unfocused.

  • Image Editing Services

Now-a-days, clicking photos is not enough. There are many image editing services are there which helps you to edit the photos as per your requirements and enhance the beauty of the photo holding the natural content. You can use Adobe Photoshop for editing the portrait photos. Adobe Photoshop has some amazing tools which help to edit the photos like professionals. If you do not want to spend your time behind photo editing by yourself, you can hire different image editing service providing companies which offer different types of image editing services. Photoshop retouching service is hugely used by the portrait photographers to make the photos look better. Photoshop Clipping Path Service is also very important in case of removing or changing the background to give the portrait photo a gorgeous look.

Portrait photography is an art. This art is performed by various photographers. But the photographers, who know these hacks, can perform this art in a better way than all other photographs that do not follow these hacks. So for getting the better-looking portrait photographs, you can follow these tips and start working and clicking portrait photographs.

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