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Clipping Path Experts provides professional car image editing service at the fastest turnaround time. We edit backgrounds, retouch them, change color and even add seamless shadows to your car images. So that it helps your automotive business to scale up faster.

within 16-24 hrs delivery

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Outsource Car Photo Editing Service and grow your automobile business

After taking car photos, some flaws might need to be fixed before they are used for any promotional purposes. If not fixed, the image will look dull, and it won’t increase your sales. This is where a car image editing service is required. In- car photo editing service, we fix all the issues with the image and make the overall picture look attractive plus presentable.

So that you can use it on any advertisement method you desire, we will remove the background, touch up the car photo, add or delete shadow, change color or variants, and make it stand out.

With our car image editing service, your car images will look realistic. This will attract the consumers or your target audience and might persuade them to purchase. And this action will surely benefit your company by increasing your online or offline conversions.

Types of Car image editing services

Car image background editing

In this service, we manually remove or edit the background of the car image using our photo background removal service. For example, we may change the background to a different one, change the sky in the background, add a solid background, keep it transparent, or even blur it. It all depends on how you want the background to look.

  • Using clipping path
  • Using transparent masking
  • Using clipping mask
  • Discount on bulk order
  • Fast turnaround time

Car image color correction

In this car image editing service, we change the car’s color in the photo according to the color you choose using our photoshop color correction service. We use masking methods to give top-notch finishing to the color correction process and make the car image look visually grasping. We will edit the colors of the car photos to make them look as natural as possible.

  • Hue and saturation adjustment
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Cast shadow removal
  • Color replacement
  • RGB and CMYK conversion

Car photo shadow creation service

We provide a natural-looking shadow creation service for your car images. We add drop shadow, natural shadow, reflection shadow, soft shadow to your car images and give them a realistic look in any background.

  • Natural shadow
  • Reflection shadow
  • Floating shadow
  • Drop shadow
  • Existing shadow

Car photo retouching

In this service, we remove all sorts of flaws from car images. First, we retouch the car image by removing dust, scratches, dents, spots, and any other issues that make the image look dull and unpresentable using our photo retouching service. Then, we adjust the colors and fix every problem that doesn’t go with it.

  • Dust, scratch and dents removal
  • Adding shine
  • Background retouching
  • Unwanted object removal
  • Repair damaged parts

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Car Image Editing Samples

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Why Choose Clipping Path Experts for Automotive Photo Editing Projects?

Attractive car images are always helpful. They persuade a potential buyer into purchasing your product. Editing so many photos of cars can be daunting for you. As it takes time and drains your energy. So many images, so less time must be a difficult task, right? So why do it yourself?

You can outsource all those car image editing tasks from us instead. Our Professional team of clipping path experts will help you in completing your car image editing projects on time. No matter how many images you want, we’ll do it within less time, something around 5 to 7 hours. And we also provide you with super-affordable rates.

We maintain 100% customer satisfaction. People who place bulk order gets attractive discounts. Our expert team specializes in providing any photo editing service like car image editing service. We never charge our clients before they are happy with our work. Last but not least, we have experience of more than ten years in this industry, and we are proud of what we provide. What makes us the best are –

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Discount on Bulk Orders
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Flexible Payment Facilities
  • 100% Quality Editing
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Secured Image Transfer
  • Data Privacy

Who needs car image editing services?

Numerous types of companies and persons require this service. The following ones are those who usually outsource car photo editing from us –

  • Car or Automobile Manufactures
  • Car or automotive sellers and retailers
  • Automotive dealers
  • Freelance photographer
  • Magazine and Printing companies
  • Photography agencies
  • Car photographers

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