how to do baby milk bath photography

For every father and mother everything related to their first born child is special. They want to keep all the memories of their child reserved as photographs. This is why the demand of baby photography is rising with a good pace. Parents nowadays hire professional baby photographer to capture some memorable photos of their little infants. These photographers with the help of some amazing newborn photography tips capture baby photos like a pro. Nowadays parents like to take photos of babies while they are in some kind of activities like playing with toys, eating or doing a baby milk bath. One of the most highly taken photos by baby photographers is baby milk bath photography. Parents also like such photos of their babies and use it on albums and walls. So if you are a baby photographer and you’re searching for some baby milk bath photo ideas then this article is just for you.

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Check out this cool baby milk bath photography ideas below for more idea –

How do you do a milk bath for baby photoshoot?

baby milk bath photography

To do a milk bath for baby photoshoot you will need a small baby bathtub. Fill that up with water first then add milk to it. It will create a bubbly look on the water. Let this mixture settle for about 10 to 15 minutes. Add some petals of flowers and some stems on that bathtub. This will give it a natural milk bath type look for taking baby girl milk bath photography. But if you are a professional photographer I suggest you should include all these expenses in your photography invoice before you start the photoshoot.

What Should the Baby wear during baby milk bath photography?

baby milk bath photography

Most photographers suggest for almost half naked baby for the photoshoot. It shows their fluffy skin and the shine of the milk on their skin. Parents can dress them in any outfit they want their babies to wear.

Here are the top baby milk bath photo ideas –

Use natural light

baby milk bath photography light

Natural light is the best light source to capture baby photos. If you are taking or doing baby milk bath photography then using a natural white light will give you a very sharp and themed photo. The white light will look blended with the white milk during the baby photoshoot. Therefore use natural light for such kind of photography.

Choose perfect gear

baby milk bath photography gear

You don’t need any expensive things to do a baby milk bath photography. You can shoot it with canon EOS 5D Mark II with 24-70mm lens for milk bath session. This lens lead you to do a wider shot and tell your story of the tub when you want to. But, surely you can use any good camera and lens that gives you a range of wide to moderate telephoto angles of view. You don’t need any protection while holding the camera but try to wrap the camera strap with around your wrist a several times so you don’t drop it in the milk bath.

Choose milk bath bowl for photography

baby milk bath photography bathtub

To do milk bath photography you need a bowl for a must. It’s totally depending on the subject. The bowl can be big, medium or small. You can do milk bath photography in a kiddies pool. Get an inflatable children pool that you can cover with white fabric or something else to create a uniform background also you can put all sorts of decor on and around it.

Watch the water temperature

baby milk bath photography temperature

Look after for the water temperature while doing milk bath photography is a must. If you get too hot, the flowers will start to wither and your model will flush with heat. If the water is too cold goose bumps will cover your model and she will not going to enjoy it. And most importantly while doing milk bath photography, the water will remain warm at least 20-30 minutes. It’s especially while doing with the babies.

Use baby props with the milk bath

toys for baby

A plain milk bath will assure that your subject is the main focal point, but flowers and others organic decorations can give it your photo some more texture and contrast. Use a combination of real flowers and synthetic or silk flowers. A real flower typically floats while synthetic and silk flowers sink. You can also use fruits as props too. Choose different fruits and give in the tub after slicing.

Use Flowers for Decorations

flowers on milk bathtub

A floral accent gives a beautiful look to baby milk bath photography. Since we are talking about baby milk bath photography tips, you have to keep everything natural. So I would suggest you to use real flowers instead of the artificial ones. The disadvantage of using fake flowers is that the artificial flowers might get sink due to their weights whereas the real flowers will be floating in the tub. The real flower also gives you a fragrance which the baby would enjoy and the milk bath photography would be amazing to do.

Use Different Angles

different angle baby photos

Different angles give you different perspectives. If you want to be a professional photographer then you need to try creative photography angles and leave the mainstream plain angle. You can take baby milk bath photographs from various angles that give you variety of perspectives. Shoot from low, shoot from high or shoot from side. Every photography angle gives you different styles of photography. In fact, people are trying different angles to make the photos look unique. So if you want to show your photography skills and go for using different angles in your baby milk bath photography.

Compose it properly

composition of newborn photo

Composition is one of the main things in every kind of photography. For proper composition, you need proper camera setting. Your photography composition can tell if you are a creative photographer or not. Try using creative photography compositions into your baby mild bath photography. I would suggest you to avoid centric composition because it has become very monotonous. You can try the rule of thirds, keeping wider frame, keeping it minimal or focusing on the background. These will make your baby milk bath photographs look different. The more you experiment with the compositions, the more you will emerge yourself as a creative photographer.

Go for Post Processing

post processing baby photo

Post-processing or photo editing is very much essential in photography. When you do baby milk bath photography, you may face some difficulties and you may not get perfect photos. It is post-processing like photo clipping service that will help you to remove all the flaws from your baby milk bath photos and you will get photos as per your requirement.

So after doing baby milk bath photography, you should apply some photo editing techniques in your photography. If you do not know how to edit photos, you can contact different photo editing companies that will help you to do post-processing of your baby milk bath photos and will save your time.


Not everyone knows how to do baby milk bath photography. You have to understand and learn how baby milk bath photography is to be done because it is very delicate. One mistake can cost you a lot. So these tips that we discussed above will help you to do baby milk bath photography like a professional. So apply these techniques and make your way to baby milk bath photography.

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