How to do Unsharp for better texture

A photo is a way of talking. Sometimes the photo talks more than words. Images are always important to be their best form when it comes on to showcasing and attracting people towards the photo to have them. Beauty photos are called fashion photographs because a beauty photo consists of a model/human. More specifically it means a glamorous face image. Sometimes, photography fails to spell the magic by getting not so matched make-up and other things. Beauty retouching is there for you to fix the things up and make the photo looks beautiful. In a beautiful photograph, there might be some flaws. The color tone might not be likable, or the spots might be there and wrinkles too and the make-up also can be disturbing. Beauty retouching techniques will give you all the solution with the help of Photoshop.

Here, we will show you how a beauty photo can be fixed with Photoshop using various tools.

Open an Image in Photoshop

At first go to your computer or laptop and Open Adobe Photoshop. Import an image from PC by dragging it to Photoshop. You can even open an image by going on the menu bar and select File>Open.

Copy the Background Layer>

After importing the image, you need to create a copy of the image by creating a copy of the background layer. Doing this, you can do retouching in multiple layers.

Copy the Background Layer

Removing Spots from the Face

Here in the photo, you can see that the girl is having a lot of spots on the face. It is looking awkward. So now we are going to remove these spots by Healing brush tool, Go to the toolbar and click on healing brush tool to activate. Now, select a clean area of the face by clicking and pressing the Alt button at the same time. Release the button and click the spotted areas. Keep doing that until you entirely remove the spots.

How to remove spot from face

Make the face smooth

Even after removing the spots, you can see that there are some marks in the face and not matching with the face color exactly which has to get smoother. Now, select the patch tool from the toolbar. Make a selection of a clear area of the face and add them to the other part of the area to make the same color by dragging them to other places of the face. It will make up entire face smooth.

How to Make the face smooth

Make smoother with Blur Effect

Using a patching tool was not enough to make the face smooth as we want. So, we are going to use a blur effect to face to make the face look smoother and clear. Make another copy of the layer background. Activate blur effect by going to filter>blur>surface blur. You will get a box containing the slider of radius and threshold level adjustment. Adjust the level of them and press OK.

How to Make more smoother with Blur Effect

Cleaning with Brush Tool

The face might look a bit unclear after filling the blur effect, not activate the brush tool to make the face look clear. Select the opacity of the brush tool as per your requirement. Click click on the face by brush tool until it gets clear.

How to Make more smoother with Blur Effect

Adjusting the Position of the parts of the face

After using the brush tool, you can see that the right side of the face got slightly shaken. It should be fixed. Select the lasso tool and select the distorted areas. Position it slightly to the right and press OK. Activate brush tool and fix it perfectly.

How to Make the face smooth

Unsharp for better texture

To get a better texture to the face, you need to get the image unsharp. Go to Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask. Select the right amount of the radius of the unsharp mask and press ok.

How to do Unsharp for better texture

Unsharp for better texture

It is time to make the skin glow. Photoshop filters will help you to do that. There are multiple filters which help you to do face retouching. We are using a high pass filter for skin glowing. To activate high pass filter, go to the menu bar; click on Filter>Others>High Pass. Now change the filter form from normal to linear. You will get a radius dialogue box. Adjust the amount by the sliders and press enter.

How to do Glow the Skin

Change the lipstick color

This one is the fun part of beauty retouching. We are going to change the lipstick color now. For that, select the pen tool and create a clipping mask around the lips. Make a selection of masked areas and double click on the foreground color. A color dialogue box will appear. Choose a color as per your requirement. Here, we have selected red. You can adjust the amount of color by a Level box of the layer.

How to Change the lipstick color

Transformation of eyeballs

The eyeballs are important in a beautiful photo. We can also transform the eyeballs to look it shiny. At first, we are creating a clipping mask around both the eyeballs and making selection. After selection, go down to the layer box and select ‘curves’. In the curves dialogue box, you can reduce or increase the color and make the eyeballs shiny.

How to Transformation of eyeballs

Positioning the parts of the face

The last thing we are doing is to fix the positions of the different parts of the face. First of all, select the patch tool and select the corner side of the right side of the face and select it. Copy that area to the area which is not matching with the entire color of the face. To fix the position, select the Lasso tool. Make a selection in the entire area of the right side and move it to the left. This will keep your face in the correct position.

That is how beauty retouching is done by a professional. Beauty retouching is mostly needed by fashion photographers, wedding photographers, magazines, modeling agencies, beauticians, advertisement industries, jewelry industry, clothing stores, and many others. You can take beauty retouching service by many image editing service providing companies around the world at a lower cost. So, you can start practicing beauty retouching at home or can take it from outside.

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