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Cricket is called a gentleman’s game. Many of you have been to a cricket match before right? You can also tell that how much exciting it makes you feels. The atmosphere, bowler’s run up, batsman facing etc many other moments are worth capturing. Like other sports photography cricket is also a good source of earning as a photographer or you can say a cricket lover cum photographer. This is also a part of the sports photography niche and here you’ll know the cricket photography tips.

Many big magazine companies and sports websites are paying handsome money for cricket photos. So, there is scope for photographers to earn from this too. For this all you need to do is capture cricket photography. We’ll talk about the top and professional cricket photography tips below so keep reading!

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Cricket photography camera

cricket photography camera

There are various types of camera available in the market that you can use to capture cricket photography. But most of the sports photography forums and sports photography tips articles always suggest the best cricket photography camera which you can use now and also comes in your budget. A camera is the most necessary equipment you will need to capture stunning images of the worldwide famous sports called cricket. The top photography forums and the members have suggested the following cameras in their professional cricket photography tips. Here are the top camera you can use which are also affordable and works perfect –

Canon T6i – Budget-friendly camera for action shots for beginners.
Canon 7D II – Best value in the Canon line up for sporting events.
Nikon D500 – Awesome sports camera under $2000.
Sony a9 – Best mirrorless camera for 2020.
Nikon D5 – Best sports DSLR camera under $6500

Cricket photography lenses

cricket photography lenses

With a solid camera a great lens that captures wide angles and is fast is also necessary specially for capturing cricket photography. A lens that has a lower aperture number will help you capture photos during games played after evening. It is the lens that will give you a sharp and bright image if used properly. This is one of the most important professional cricket photography tips that only a professional photographer will tell you. These are the best lens for cricket which you can use and purchase easily –

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM (or IS II USM)
Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.6-5.6L USM.
Canon EF 400mm f/2.8 L IS II USM.
Nikon 70-200mm f2. 8G AF-S VRII.
Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 D ED AF zoom.

Camera settings for cricket photography

Camera settings

Camera setting mainly depends on the lighting conditions of the place where you are capturing the photo. In case of cricket photography there will be a good amount of natural light available for capturing cricket match photos. The sole reason of this light is that the field is open and wide. You can have this advantage of light on day time but if the match is getting played in night natural light will not be available that much so you may have to use the stadium light as light source.

If the lighting condition is good then the basic camera settings you’ll need is a fast shutter speed, lower aperture and an optimal ISO like 100 to 300. You can also use the sports mode on your camera dial for auto intelligence and to capture best cricket photography. You need to know the exposure triangle rule to get depth idea about the proper use of aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

Use burst mode

Use burst mode

This is the coolest and also a very important professional cricket photography tips you need to keep in mind. Cricket photography is a type of sports where every player is in motion and is constantly moving fast. It is hard to keep up with the pace and movements of the players during the match so you can’t actually take time to take a shot like other different types of photography genres. This is why you should change the number of shots your camera can capture to burst mode or continuous shooting mode. In this mode your camera will keep taking continuous number of images in few seconds at fast rate. So you’ll be able to capture actions faster. Just make sure you have enough storage on your memory card as it will capture a lot of photos at a time.

Take photos during toss and national anthem moment

best cricket photography

Now there are some events in a cricket match where you can take time and capture a perfect shot. This event is when the players are standing making a row with their national flag and they are singing their national anthem. You can close shots and capture group photography of those players during this time. You can also capture the first decision making process of who’ll bat first and who’ll chase the runs while tossing. One thing you should do to capture such photos and can also take portraits of the players.

Capture emotion of players

Capture emotions of players

Cricket is a match where one team wins and one team loses. Sometimes its heart broken when you see your favorite loses in front of you. The players also feel the pain after losing and it shows on their face. Some break downs in tears and some feel disappointment and their expression shows it. These are the real expression, so why not capture them? Capturing cricket players and their feelings can bring you brilliant outcomes. Even the happy moments of the winning team too. Both these photographs of the moments can be exceptionally real, which will make the photograph extraordinary.

Be patient and capture decisive moments

capture decisive moments

Cricket photography is a fun and also a patiently work. You can’t get your desired picture every moment. While doing cricket photography, you have to have patience to get the desired picture. You have to wait and concentrate on batsman, bowler and fielders. Suddenly you’ll get the picture like bowler bowled a batsman, a batsman hit a huge six or a fielder caught a extraordinary catch etc. This is why you need to be patient and wait for the decisive moments.

Cricket stadium photography

cricket stadium photography

Most of the people love cricket a lots. They go to the stadium to support their team skipping so many works. So, photographing the players is a must but also capturing the stadium environment is also necessary. You can get the most cherishing moment of a fan during the match. That will give you some best snaps of your photography. Photography of the stadiums atmosphere can give you some best outcomes.

Do cricket bat photography

cricket bat photography

You can have lots of way to do cricket photography. You can capture the batsman, bowler, fielders even crowd too. During the match you can capture the batting movements. How a batsman is playing, the different shots, batting angles etc. You can get the best movement shots of bat while doing photography.

Do cricket ball photography

cricket ball photography

While photographing the batsman, we can’t forget the bowler. Photographing bat can give you different shots and angles. But photographing ball will give the different hand movements. When a bowler start running and throw the ball, you can get the perfect picture of that. Just you have to take some time.


Doing professional cricket photography is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you do not know the effective cricket photography tips then you will not be able to deliver cricket photographs like professional. So, before going to capture cricket photography, you need to practice a lot the tips we have given above. Practice will boost you up. Best of luck!

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