Vintage Photography Tips

Vintage is in fashion again. The fashion industry, as well as the photography industry, is now focusing more on the vintage style more than ever before. This cool retro old look is getting highly liked and admired by the audience available online. Many photographers are taking advantage of this situation and are focusing more on capturing such cool vintage photography. In this kind of photography trend like other current photography trends 2020 the photos are taken as if it was taken on the 80s era. Most of the vintage photos are in black and white. In this article, we’ll talk about and suggest some cool vintage photography tips that will help you to capture professional-looking vintage photos very easily.

So without further adieu, let’s start!

Make a Plan

Planning is what helps everyone work efficiently. Making a good plan about everything you need and everything you’ll do on the scene will help you work and capture vintage photos in an organized way. You should take a notepad and a pen and write down all the necessary things on it. The location name, the number of the models, the poses you want to capture, the props you want to use, etc. It will help you capture some professional-looking vintage photos in a more organized and efficient way.

Vintage Photography Tips for Beginners

Keep Your Gadgets Ready

As a photographer, you should always be ready with all your equipments and gadgets. This will let you be prepared for all kinds of photography related to vintage style. You must have the necessary gadgets like light boxes, soft box, flash, reflector, extra battery, memory, etc with you while are capturing vintage photography. This will help you be ready for any kind of shot any time.

Vintage Photography Tips and Techniques for Beginners

Choose a Subject

For capturing a vintage photo you’ll need a subject whose photo you’ll take during vintage photography. Choosing a perfect subject is essential for this purpose. The subject should go with the 80s and 90s fashion. In easy words they must get in fusion with the style of vintage and the theme of the photo. This is why you should choose a subject or model whose style is like the 80’s type. It will blend with the theme properly and the image will look professional.

What are the Best Vintage Photography Tips?

Select the Poses Correctly

Poses are what makes an image more attractive. And a vintage photo is all about posing. People in the early 80s and 90s used to express their feelings more through images. They used to convey messages through expression and poses. If you capture poses properly then taking vintage photography or any kind of portrait photography will be easy for you. And portrait photography poses are always useful for taking any type of photos.

Vintage Photography Tips

Use Classic Composition

Image composition will always help you to manipulate the thoughts of your audiences. You can make a person keep looking at your photo for a longer time if you compose your photo properly. A well-composed image is which that has a proper mix of the background, subject, props and white balance all together. Taking vintage photography using the classic composition of the rule of thirds will be quite helpful for you. You can use some creative photography composition too for taking vintage photography.

Vintage Photography Hacks

Use faded color

An easy trick you can use to make your photos look vintage if you want to be more hands on and do your own photo editing. Use faded colors in your photos. Old pictures look older because they were printed on papers and as time goes by it started fading. And this gives them their vintage look. You can have these look digitally by reducing the contrast or saturation. And if you want even greater effect, you can add some red hint. There are some photo editing programs which have fade option built on.

Best Vintage Photography Tips

Go black and white

Black and white is a classic mode of photography. One of the easiest ways to make a photo look vintage is to shoot in black and white. This technique has been used throughout time. Though color photos have been introduced this type of photography never goes out of style. But you should know some black and white photography tips first. There are plenty of black and white filters available and most photo editing software has a monochrome setting to remove color. Adjusting contrast and exposure can make a huge difference in black and white photography. Lightroom presets will help you to do a little simpler.

Top 10 Vintage Photography Tips

Click candid photos

Nowadays candid has become a huge trend. Candid in vintage photography will make a picture more attractive. You can try to take some candid snaps. Like, people are laughing, talking with each other, doing any stuff, singing, playing etc can be a good candid picture in vintage photography. So, it’s good to take candid photos to attract the picture more. Candid photography tips will help you to do better vintage candid photography.

Vintage Photography Tips and Techniques

Go for vintage looking background

Vintage photography is something worth taking. People now-a-days capturing lots of vintage photos and taking it to another level. But most of the vintage photos depend on background. If the background is good, the picture itself will be good enough. Actually vintage background depends on the subject or without subject you can use the background to take a picture. You can use different types of stickers, wallpaers etc. Sepia tinted backgrounds and yellow vignettes make your image more attractive, which is called retro. Using those types of backgrounds will give your photos vintage look.

Vintage Photography Tips

Post Processing

Post processing is one of the best vintage photography tips I would like you to know. When you go for vintage photography, you may have some flaws on your photographs. You even may not get real vintage photograph, post processing or image editing will help you to get proper vintage photographs by editing the photos and turning them into vintage. There are differentphoto editing companiess that are highly service some great photo editing services to the individuals and companies. Those photo editing services by those photo editing companies can help you to get perfect vintage photo by their perfect editing. So go for post processing after doing vintage photography.

Vintage Photography Tips and Tricks


Vintage photography is fun yet tricky photography type of all time. You will enjoy if you can do perfect vintage photography. These vintage photography tips are going to help you to do vintage photography like a professional. So if you want to have fun and to do professional vintage photography then apply these fines vintage photography tips and does photography like a professional. Good luck with these tips and tricks for vintage photography.

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