ghost mannequin photography tips

Ghost mannequin photography is mostly done for the e-commerce business to sell garment products. It is not always possible to hire models for shooting the garment products to sell on the e-commerce business. Hiring models can be very costly for the companies who are believe in cost-cutting. Ghost mannequin photography is perfect for those kind of companies.

Well, the ghost mannequin photography is shooting the garment products using the mannequin in the place of models. It is also similar to flat lay photography but here we only use mannequins. There are several techniques of doing ghost mannequin photography. Here in this article, we will talk about some amazing techniques that will make your Ghost Mannequin photography easy.

Important Ghost Mannequin Photography Tips

Using Mannequin

Using mannequin for invisible effect

The first thing you have to use to start ghost mannequin photography is a mannequin. So you have to buy multiple type of mannequins. You will get different types of mannequin in the market like just head, full body of male and female, mannequin without and with hands and legs etc. You have to choose your type of mannequin first and then start shooting ghost mannequin photography.

Use Solid Color Backgrounds

Use solid color background for clothing

While photography, you have to keep many things in mind. And one of the most important things in any kind of photography is the background. A background can make the object look like a hero or a zero. I mean, you have to select a background that highlights your product mostly. In terms of Ghost mannequin photography, you should select a solid color background and more specifically white background.

Solid color backgrounds highlights your garment products and make it look like hero. If you use multiple color or any background that has prints, might go wrong in highlighting your main products. That is why we are suggesting you to use solid color backgrounds for your ghost mannequin photography.

Equipment and Setup

Equipment and setup for ghost mannequin photography

One of the most important thing you need to shoot ghost mannequin photography is the equipment and proper setup. You need to have high quality camera and lens for shooting the ghost mannequin. Apart from camera and lenses, you have to have a proper lighting setup at the studio or home.

Although you can also use natural sunlight to shoot ghost mannequin. But still, you should keep the additional lighting setup standby. If the mannequin is small, then you can also use a lightbox for your ghost mannequin photography.

Product Placement

Ghost mannequin Product placement

Ghost mannequin photography is all about shooting your garment products in mannequins. So the right product placement is very important. You have to make sure that the lighting is reaching to the important parts of your product.

More importantly, you have to clean your product if you see any dirt in your garment product. Before placing the garment product on mannequin, you should press the garment product so that you can display wrinkle-free product on your ghost mannequin photography.

Click Photos from Various Angles

Click photos from various angles of clothings

Product photography is very crucial. A product cannot be identified by seeing only from one angle. So when you are shooting ghost mannequin photography, make sure that you are taking photos from various angles. It will be good for your clients to understand the product more precisely. Click ghost mannequin photos from each and every angle so that you can show every part of your products to the customers.

Use a Tripod

Use a tripod for neck joint photography

Being a photographer, you have to click photos from different angle and for that you have to move a lot. Using a tripod will decrease your moving too much thing. So adjust your camera into the tripod and keep on clicking the ghost mannequin photos from different angles. Using a tripod will make your ghost mannequin photography easier.

Use a Turn Table

Use a turn table for mannequin

A turn table is the new element in photography that a lot of product photographers are using. As we have said that shooting from different angles will help you to show your product from different angles. Turn table is something that you can turn while shooting your ghost mannequin photography. Just keep your ghost mannequin on the turn table and keep on moving it and click photos from several angles.

Post Processing

Ghost mannequin photo editing and Post processing

Post processing or photo editing is very much interrelated with photography. After doing your ghost mannequin photography, you can go for photo editing to fix all the flaws of your ghost mannequin photography.

There are many photo editing companies across the world that are offering ghost mannequin photo editing services to make your ghost mannequin photography look perfect. So you should go for the best photo editing service provider and get your perfect ghost mannequin photography.


Mastering ghost mannequin photography requires careful attention to preparation, shooting techniques, and post-processing. Using a well-fitting mannequin, ensuring proper lighting, and capturing multiple angles and detail shots are essential steps.

In post-processing, removing the background, merging layers to create the ghost effect, and retouching the image for consistency and color accuracy are crucial. By adhering to these tips, you can produce professional and visually appealing product images that effectively highlight your garments, enhance your brand’s presentation, and drive sales on your e-commerce platform.

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