How to Take Pictures of Clothes to Sell Without Mannequin

Clothes highly get sold online. There is a huge market and popularity of clothing getting bought online. So the importance of high-quality images of the clothing or apparel products is a must for any company that sells clothes online.

To take pictures of clothes to sell without mannequin, you might face some challenges. But you have to overcome those challenges to get great cloth photographs without mannequin. There are some techniques applying which you will be able to take apparel pictures without mannequin very easily. Let’s see the tip and tricks and note them down.

Tips on How to Take Pictures of Clothes without Mannequin

Selecting the right background

Selecting the right background to take clothing picture without mannequin

A background is one of the most important elements in every kind of photography. A gaudy or unsuitable background for your clothing pictures will ruin your entire clothing photography. Most successful clothing photographers suggest a solid color background to shoot clothing photography without a mannequin.

You have to be careful even while selecting a solid color background. You should select the background color that creates contrast with your cloth’s color. For example: If you select a white color background for your white color clothes, then the clothes will not be seen clearly and the photographs will come gaudy. So always go for the contrast color as a background. You can also try using image background removal service to remove or change the background of your clothing pictures.

Ensuring proper lighting

Ensuring proper lighting for clothing pictures

Photography and lighting are correlated with each other. Photography is incomplete without a good lighting setup. Natural light is the best lighting setup to get natural-looking photos. Choose a location where you will get the natural sunlight and place your product in front of open and large window.

If you do not get proper natural light then you can go with the artificial lights setup for product photography. You can place two artificial lights on both the sides of the clothing product and two diffusers so that the lights spread around your product and give your clothing product proper lighting.

Choosing a camera or smartphone with suitable resolution

Choosing a camera or smartphone with suitable resolution

All kinds of photography need a high-resolution camera or smartphone. You cannot compromise the quality of the camera when you are shooting clothing pictures for sale without mannequine. There are many high-quality cameras in the market that are high in quality and perfect for high-quality clothing photography. Here are the top 8 cameras that are perfect for clothing photography

  1. Hasselblad X2D.
  2. Nikon Z9.
  3. Nikon Z8.
  4. Canon EOS R5.
  5. Canon EOS R6 Mark II.
  6. Sony a7R V.
  7. Sony a7 IV.

Since we are talking about both camera and phone to shoot good clothing photographs, you can also rely on some phones that have amazing resolution and give you photos like cameras. Some top phones for taking clothing pictures are-

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 FE
  • Xiaomi 11T

Arranging clothes on a flat surface

Arranging clothes on a flat surface

While shooting clothing photography, a proper arrangement has to be done. Since you are taking clothing photos without mannequin, your clothes have to be on a flat surface so that the clothes do not look shabby in the photos.

But you have to make sure that your surface is totally flat and wide. If the surface is wide, then it would be easy for you to spread the entire clothing product and shoot taking the entire product. You can use a flat wide table as a flat surface or can even use a clean floor and place the background on it or also you can use the floor as a flat surface.

Positioning items to showcase features and details

Positioning items to showcase features and details

When you are trying to sell your clothing products online and you are shooting your clothing photos without mannequin, then you have to shoot in a way that your items can showcase the features and details of the clothing products clearly.

Shooting with a mannequin makes easy to showcase the features and details more than shooting without mannequin. So you have to place and position the clothes in ways so that it showcase the features and details. Position the items so that the camera covers every side and every part of your clothes.

Capturing from different angles

Capturing from different angles

Sometimes you may not get to shoot every part of your clothing product at once. In that case, you have to capture the clothing products from different angles. Shoot the clothing products from every single angle to show the details from a closer view.

Remember, the more realistic and detailed the photos look like, the more it can be noticed and increase the conversion rate. So do not forget to play with angles while shooting clothing photos without mannequin.

Using hangers or clips to suspend clothes

Using hangers or clips to suspend clothes

Hangers can create magic for clothing photography without mannequin. It can work as the alternative of the mannequin because you can hang the clothes on it and shoot your apparel photography without the mannequin. Hangers keep your clothing products straight and stable.

Just iron the clothing products and hang it on the hangers. It might shake a little while shooting the photos. In that case, you can use some clips to suspend clothes. Using clips, your garment products will not move and shake.

Ensuring garments are Wrinkle-Free

Ensuring garments are wrinkle-free

A garment product full of wrinkles does not attract the customers at all. So you have to make sure that your clothing products are wrinkle-free while shooting apparel photos without mannequin. Do proper ironing from top to bottom to shoot the clothes wrinkle-free. As I mentioned above about the hangers and clips, you can use both hangers and clips or only clips to keep the clothing products wrinkle-free while shooting.

Shoot your clothing products on models

Shoot your clothing products on models

Human models are the best alternatives to the mannequin, in fact it is even better to choose human models for shooting your clothing products. There are many models you can get in the different modeling agencies or you can choose a model from your family or friends.

Put the clothes on the models and set good poses for females so that the clothes look good and also can be showcased the features and details. Choose good location or background and shoot the clothing photos as per your requirement.

Take Photo Editing Services

Take Photo Editing Services

Photo editing works like a magic wand. If your pictures of clothes without mannequin do not come perfect, then you can make it picture perfect by going for photo editing services. There are many photo editing companies that provide perfect invisible ghost mannequin service and clothing photo editing service and make your photos look luscious. Or you can yourself edit photos at home using different application like Adobe Photoshop and photo editing techniques that give you perfect clothing photographs.


Photographing clothes without a mannequin needs creativity. If you are not creative from inside, then you will not be able to provide perfect clothing photos without mannequin. By employing these simple yet effective techniques will give you the best clothing photographs without mannequin and makes you the master in Taking Pictures of clothes to sell without mannequin.

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