Different styles of fashion photography

Fashion photography is one of its kinds to be honest. There are like various kinds of this photography genre. Multiple types of photographers are working in this various kinds of high fashion photoshoot industries.

It sometimes confuses people about which photo is related to which type of fashion photograph. This photography niche is not of like just putting on fashionable cloths and shoot. It has gone further than that.

To help such twisted photographers I’ll be talking about the different styles of fashion photography in this article. This article will surely help you understand the types and clear your confusion.

So without waiting further let’s start!

High Fashion Photography

High fashion photography is the type where you will have to capture photographs of models for high fashion brands like Gucci, Vogue, Chanel, etc. These fashion photographs mainly show the products these brands are offering via the model. This type of photo mainly gets publishes is high fashion magazines and huge banners.

Different styles of fashion photography

Editorial Fashion Photography

This type of fashion photography is quite unique and famous. An editorial fashion photo tells a story using the image. Here the photographer will have to take photos of the model while he or she is wearing the fashion dress and is on the middle of doing something. It actually shows the lifestyle and what they are doing. These types of photos get published in magazines as a story. They are also in too much demand right now and an editorial fashion photographer earns the most.

Different types of fashion photography

Catalogue Fashion Photography

This is the most basic kind of fashion photography. The priority here is only on the cloth and brands. It is a minimal photograph with less focus on the model but more focus on the dress he or she is wearing. The main purpose of this photography is to create a conversion. Selling a dress and branding is the core motive of this catalogue fashion photography.

Fashion Photography Types of all time

Street Fashion Photography

The most fun way to capture photography of fashion is to capture street fashion photography. Street fashion photography is to capture the photos of models wearing fashion outfits and carrying fashion accessories while walking on street. It is not always that you will have to take photos of your model. You can also capture photos of various persons moving randomly in streets and can show their unique sense of fashion.

Top 10 styles of fashion photography

Portrait Fashion Photography

The most famous and renowned type of fashion photography is capturing portraits. Portrait photography is to capture photos of just your model in various poses. In fashion portraits you just have a slight difference where your model is well dressed up with high end makeup and clothes. Then you capture portrait photos of the model while she poses variously.

What are the different styles of fashion photography?

Lifestyle Fashion Photography

What do you understand by the word lifestyle? Well, lifestyle is all about our way of living such as what we do, what we eat, the class, societal status etc. But our lifestyle highly reflects on how and what we dress. Lifestyle is a part of fashion. Because from lifestyle fashion photography, the people would know what is in trend. Which clothes, which designs, which colors are in trend these days? You will get these answers from a lifestyle photograph. As a person, you may want to be a fashionista. The recent trend of the clothes and accessories can be seen in a lifestyle photograph if you want to go with a trend. Lifestyle photography really inspires people to be fashionable and trendy. Lifestyle fashion photography is very much useful for a particular brand to promote their brand as well.

Different Styles of Fashion Photography

Social Media Fashion Photography

Social media has become a very influential medium of promoting anything. Talking about fashion, people are also very much inspired by the fashion photos people post on their social media profiles. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter etc. are working very well to influence people. Hence, people want to get them recognized as well. Nowadays people do fashion photography for social media to get popular or to inspire other people. It is not needed to have your photo clicked by DSLR camera. Even fashion photography using smart phone can also works well to post a great fashion photograph on your social media profile. Social media works like a way of emerge you as a fashion icon.

What are some great fashion photography styles?

Experimental Fashion Photography

New fashion photographers usually experiment a lot. Not only new, but the other professional fashion photographers do experiments on their photography as well. I would share one of my witnessed portfolio experimental photo shoot. Well, the model was called at a car workshop because the fashion photographer wanted to experiment with some rough theme. He wanted to get a rough expression and look by the model. So that is like experimental fashion photography. People nowadays experiment a lot with fashion at a large scale. No one is stuck with the old basic pattern.

10 Best Styles of Fashion Photography

Advertising Fashion Photography

It is nothing new to promoting the products through advertising. An advertisement can be a video or a photograph. As a fashion house owner, the owner would definitely want to promote his products. Promoting by fashion photography would be the best thing. Advertising Fashion photography has a minor scale and qualified methodology. It might incorporate just a single selective image of a model spruced up in a specific dress. Such photography is finished by real marks for outside promoting to show it in the hoardings and other selective territories. By advertising fashion photography, the brand owner can get recognition as well as the photographer as well as the model. So it is like win-win situation for everyone.

Different Styles of Fashion Photography for photographers

Alternate Fashion Photography

In a fashion industry, the trends keep changing. Some trends last for longer time and some for a very short period of time. Some designers may want to revive and recreate those forgotten trends and make them come into the line all over again. Getting the old forgotten styles back again is called as alternate fashion photography. Alternate Fashion photography attempts to restore these lost patterns. It is the class of design photography that puts a focus on autonomous models and picture takers who still love the style of the 1970s and 80s. They attempt to reproduce and convey the vibe of the past utilizing the blend procedures of attire, cosmetics, setting, and lighting. Past patterns like Grungy, Gothic, and Hip Hop are prominently highlighted just as blending these patterns and making another style is additionally empowered in this style of photography.

Different Styles of Fashion Photography for photographers


Every fashion photography style works in various ways. All the fashion photography types have own individuality. There are not only 10 fashion photography styles but there are many other photography styles for fashion. But these 10 fashion photography types are most popular and used by in the fashion industry a lot. It is your choice what fashion photography design you would like to go for. But make sure that the apparel in your fashion photos look good. As these photos are the main reason for conversion. You can always take apparel photo editing services from us and make your fashion photos look attractive. I hope you like this article and will get help from the list of fashion photography to choose the best one for you.

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