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Well if you have landed on this article then you must be a wanderer thinking about starting your photography career. My friend if yes, then you are exactly at the right place. Many beginner photographer gets surrounded by different questions on their mind before starting a proper career. Some think “how do i start a career in photography?”. Some think “how to start photography?”. And some think “what type of photography should I do?”.

In this article or you can say a guide for entry level photographers we have laid out our deep research about beginning a career in photography. We assure you that all you need to know is just right here. So without further adieu, let’s dig in!

Types of Photography –


Yes, fashion photography is something that can never go out of trend. Fashion photography shows the dynamics of fashion industry that includes clothes, models, lifestyles etc. You have to observe modeling or fashion world closely to be a fashion photographer.


Well, product photography is very much in demand nowadays. Product photography presents the products in a way that attracts customers/viewers towards the products. Product photography is mostly needed to ecommerce business, magazines, product shops etc. It is a great way to ear money if you do product photography.


Wedding day comes once in life. As it is an event of a lifetime, people definitely want to capture it in a frame to cherish the moment for lifetime. For photographers, it is a big opportunity to make a career as you get a lot of money doing wedding photography.

Real estate

Capturing photos of buildings or interiors is known as real estate photography. All the real estate companies need their works to be shown in best possible ways. Good real estate photography is definitely helpful for the real estate business. Hence a good photographer can try luck in real estate photography career.


There are many people who love photography. But doing photography such as wildlife is really very tough and which needs lots of courage. A photographer has to be friendly with wildlife. Wildlife photography is done by photographers who are extremely courageous and adventurous. If you can get into wildlife photography, it will bring you a lot of money and will boost your photography career.


A newspaper needs to have a lot of contents. All the current affairs are included in a newspaper. But only news (texts) looks too dull in the newspaper. Hence photographs with the contents go best. To publish the contents, you need photographs related to the contents. So there is huge demand of newspaper photographers. You should try your luck in newspaper photography career to make your career more exciting.


The world consists of many things including crime and criminals. You will get at least one or more crime news of the world. It is very important to capture the forensic news’s to show the crime and criminals to the world. Hence a forensic photographer is necessary. Photographers who are good in forensic photography are rare. If you can do forensic photography, you will sure earn a lot of money by taking this career.


In the types of photography, film photography is the unique one. A film needs to get video graphed and photographed as well. A film photographer has to shoot different still photos from the film for further use. Even film photography also needs for promotion of publicity for the films. Hence film photography career will be a five star career.

What type of career path should you choose?


Photographers can have different types of photography careers in different ways. Contracted photography is the most preferred career for a photographer or someone to wants to start a photography career. There are companies who search for photographers and hire them in contract basis. On contracted photography, you do not have work for them permanently but you will just be given a photography project which you will get done. The benefit of contracted photography is that you can work for multiple people or companies and earn a lot of money in a lesser time.


Freelancing is an interesting work. There are lots of companies or people who do not need permanent photographer or contracted. They look for freelance photographers who are good. Freelance photography is like working for Yourself and earn money. You do not have to follow anyone’s instructions. Click your photographs and you can sell it to people. Also you can take works from others and use your own models and shoot. You just have to what theme the want you to shoot. You can take a lot of projects at a time and earn a lot of money by doing so.

Tips to start a career in photography –

Create a Goal

start a career in photography

Legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, “Make a Vision”. Set up a vision or goal is a must for everyone who wants to do something big in life. If you want to be an Entrepreneur or want to do the desired job where you will make your life, and then make that thing your goal. The same goes for beginners who want to make his or her life in photography. You can make your photography life in any sector of photography, for example, Food photography, Model photography, Wedding photography, Real-Estate photography, etc many more.

Study about Your Niche

You do not need to be an expert in every photography genre. But, Before starting your career in photography, you’ve to know about your niche. In which sector of photography do you want to start your career. You’ve to find out that what kind of special skills you have that you can start a photography career. You can specialize in different fields with professional photography, it can be: Wedding, Wildlife, etc.

Choose a camera and lens

start photography career

It is thought that photography is an expensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to be. You have to have a camera and some well-needed things for the photography purpose. You don’t have to buy an expensive camera for that. Some important elements can be very useful to make your photography more attractive. Besides a camera you have to get a –


A tripod helps you to make your camera stable in a position and it helps much to take a picture more accurately.

Prime lenses

A prime lens is a must for beginners. It teaches you a lot about proper composition techniques.


Every photographer uses a flashlight. Actually, it helps you for the proper light if you don’t get natural light enough.
There are many things more like; Remote shutter, Batteries, Camera cleaning kit, etc.

Take practice shots

take a practice shot

Practice makes everyone perfect. Before doing any photography, do a lot of practice. You can’t be good enough without doing a practice period. You can practice in the house or outside as you want. Try to learn more about different angles.

Follow Some Professionals for Inspiration

follow professional photographers

Have a person who is your inspiration for your works. Watch their work, listen to what they say, and follow their rules. It is one of the most important things for building up a career.

Attend exhibitions

photography career

Definitely visit exhibitions of every kind of photography and photographers. See their works; know their stories because every picture has its own story behind it. In an exhibition, you can find photographers from whom you can share about yourself and get advice from them too.

Make an Online Portfolio

Making a portfolio of your work can help you out to get works from people. As the photography market is increasing at a stake, you can show them that you can do high-quality work too. Your photo portfolio speaks a lot about your type of photography and shows where your strengths lie. This gives your potential clients a preview of what to expect with your work. Building a good one might be a challenge for beginners but it’s part of the fun creative process as you step towards your goals of being a pro.

Promote your business

promote your business

Promoting is a key thing to increase your business a lot. After doing all the works for your business, promote it as much as you can. Social media is a platform to show your work to everyone. You can promote yourself, or with some known persons too. Boosting your page will help you much to spread the work all over the world.

Home Studio

It is pretty much of a plus point for a photographer if he or she has own home studio. It will make a great kick start in your photography career. You can just create an advertisement about your home studio and photography to the potential clients. It will be very easy to get clients if you have a home studio. You do not have to go but the clients will come to you with hand full of money. You can also rent your home studio to others to shoot and you can earn from there as well.


It can help you to build up your career as a beginner in photography. Learn, practice, and be ready to show the best of yours. Go through the article to know more.

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