Why Ecommerce Seller Needs Amazon Photo Editing Services

You may be wondering why after posting so many products on your ecommerce store and doing lots of promotion to get tons of traffic still isn’t getting you the conversion you estimated of. Well it’s not just you many other ecommerce sellers also are going through the same phase. The most important mistake that is being the reason of this problem is without a doubt the quality of the image you are using of the product. A research done by Efelle Creative says that “75% of Online Shoppers Rely on Product Photos When Deciding on a Potential Purchase”. This means that image is the most important factor for boosting your conversion rate.

Now, hiring a photographer to do product photography for you products can increase your cost to a lot. Where you can DIY product photography at home using your phone or a camera. This will reduce your cost by a lot. Then all you need to do is outsource the ecommerce product photo editing service from any photo editing service provider. The overall cost of doing this will be less than half the cost of hiring a product photographer.

Why ecommerce product photo editing is vital?

Why ecommerce product photo editing is vital

As I told you earlier that the photo of your product is the most important factor for increasing the conversion rate of you ecommerce store. This is why showcasing an attractive and sharp image of the product on your store is vital. The photo should show the originality of the product. It should have natural colors and a good resolution so that the visitors can properly make a decision for purchasing.

How does amazon product photo editing increases sales?

How does amazon product photo editing increases sales

Now if you are a seller on a site like amazon you will need to follow the image instructions set by them. The first and most important rule is to keep a white background of the product image. You may also have to point out the features of the products in the images too. They should also have high quality resolution. This is why you may need to edit the product photos in the best way possible. But how will it increase the sales of your store right? The idea is quite simple a white background allows the potential purchaser examine the product properly as it shows all the details of the product accurately. Which means higher chances of conversion. This is why amazon product photo editing increases sales.

Why outsourcing product photo editing saves cost?

Why outsourcing product photo editing saves cost

There are two options on your hand as an ecommerce retailer for editing your product photos. One is hiring a private designer or getting them edited from a photo editing company through outsourcing in other words you can say outsourcing product photo editing. Hiring a designer might cost you something around $100 per week and as there will be one designer so the output time will increase a lot too. This means that it will cost more as well as a lot of time too. But, if you outsource the image editing works from a photo editing company then they’ll charge something around $0.35 to $2.35 per image and they’ll also complete the time in less time. So you’ll be able to save cost and time as the same time.

Where to go if you need photo editing for amazon?

Where to go if you need photo editing for amazon

If you are an ecommerce business owner or a retailer on ecommerce site like Amazon and thinking about outsourcing all the photo editing jobs like amazon product background removal job then you should look for the best photo editing companies online. There are lots of photo editing companies who provides amazon photo editing services like background removal service, color correction service, product retouching service and many more which will make your product photo look attractive and perfect for ecommerce store display. Amazon product photography editing will always help you get an attractive looking photo for your ecommerce store at lowest cost.

Why we do the best amazon product photo editing job?

Why we do the best amazon product photo editing job

If you want the best photo editing service for your product photos then don’t forget we are one of them. We do the best amazon product photo editing job in this industry. We talk to our clients and suggest them what type of editing they need and then help them decide what the cost would be and how many units we can do in the what time frame. We have various types of photo editing service like Background removal service, Photo retouching service, Drop shadow service, Ghost mannequin service and many more to choose from. We suggest the proper ones to make your product photos look the best on the online display.

Reasons for ecommerce seller taking photo editing service –

Increasing the Impression of the Web Store


Every owner of an E-Commerce store have their priorities and when it comes to the online store performance everyone appears on a same wavelength. Because every E-Commerce sites depends on how they perform rather then what its delivers. Any famous online website offering the best products will not amount that much if its site is not that attractive. The success of an E-Commerce sites strongly tied to the online traffic and its conversation rates. The greater traffic and higher will be the conversation rate will make a very good of revenues and profits. The first impression customers get upon visiting the website or online store will surely influence their decisions. This is why a user friendly, enjoyable website is a must for the best impression. How image can boost conversion rates right? Following some key points will help you know how. These are:

• Chose the Right Domain Name.
• High Relevant Keywords.
• Link Building is a must.
• Always Display the Products on the Main Page.
• Optimize Page Load Time.
• Make Contact information Easy for the Visitors.
• Submit Site Map to Improve Search Engine Visibility.
• Promotional Offers and Discounts for the Impression.

To show unique products attractively


Creating a unique product description not only helps to stand out but also create a great engagement with the consumer’s on an impassioned level. It will help the consumer’s ultimate decision of where to buy the product. How to engage the emotions of consumer’s? Always try to convince them that they need to buy the product from you. For buying the product, add a personal side and present the features of the product with some engaging words. Uniqueness is a must for every products. Consumer’s always wants some new features on the same product, you have to make the product a bit attractive for selling.

Increase in revenue and profit


Making the business more profitable, you have increase sales revenue as well as decreasing the cost. Following some key points can help you increase the revenue and profit by taking amazon photo editing. These are:
• Managing the Cost.
• Review the Offer.
• Keep changing Operating Procedures.
• Always stay Visible and Connected.
• Find new Customers.
• Reviewing Current Pricing Structure.
• Purchasing more effectively.
• Always develop new products and services.

Remove dull images for better conversion


Consumers always look for the best product and they continuously go through the web site or pages. Consumers firstly get attach to a product through its image. Images must be clear and acceptable. Some companies use any downloaded images and directly upload them. But those images are not suitable for their dullness. Always try to shoot pictures or if you take it from any site, must put it on Photoshop to remove the dullness. Better conversion almost depends on good quality images. The conversion increases page or site engagement. Visitors do visit the pages randomly to see something new.

Building a good relationship with the visitor

Building a good relationship with the visitor

Building a good relationship with customers for the wellbeing of the company is a must. A company’s almost 80% popularity and engagement depends on the good relationship with the customers. Your customers are the principal of your company, their availability with quality products, service, or support is the key to success. You’ve to gain the trust of your customers through your words and works. Firstly, you’ve to secure the HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure).

Any customer will always want to have a secure website. Secondly, a customer always looks for the best quality images. The image creates a good impression on them. If you use any dull image that will not be going to be accepted by any customer. Always go through the website or page for any kind of change that will need for the benefit of the company. Creating a good bonding with the customers is a motive for any E-Commerce company.

Improving quality of ecommerce stores outlook


Now-a-days e-commerce is the golden pot of opportunities for a successful business. Entrepreneurs need to invest in e-commerce development to survive the competitive market. The investment could be on outlook of an e-commerce business. Outlook is the first impression of any product and business sites. Outlook will create a good amount of clients. E-commerce stores outlook is important as the physical stores outlook matters to the consumers for buying products. When there will be many attractive and good quality pictures of product and services, consumers will feel comfortable to visit that e-commerce site. This attractive pictures is need to work in photo editing service. Photo editing service will help to have a good quality product pictures. So Photo editing service is needed to have a good number of product photo and clients.

Advantages of amazon product photo editing –

Better looking product photos


Success for a business, product looks, plays a vital role in e-commerce era. Good looking or appearance of a product is not just about packaging, it is also about providing good looking of a product. In e-commerce photo editing for good looking product in social media and website is very important. This appearance of a product doesn’t know many companies but this is now revolutionized business strategy. Good looking products attract vast amount of clients. When a good looking product is given in Amazon website, clients will click it and product will be sell soon. Better looking products will create better branding for companies and also for that good looking products too.

Drags visitor’s attention


In the era of e-commerce grabbing attraction of consumers is very important to run business. To grab attraction of customers there should be a rhythm of photos. A good looking photos can grab attraction of consumers. When customers visit an e-commerce site or page they just think about clicking “back-button” within milliseconds. So there should be attractive phots of products or message to introduce the e-commerce site that sticky enough to keep the customer busy with the site. Photo editing will help to create a huge number of clients. With the help of photo editing there will be many scope to make creative photos of products. So photo editing is a major part for dragging visitor’s attention.

Creates a good impression


As we know that good impression depends on good expression. For Amazon or e-commerce sites need good pictures for good impression. Now there are many camera which can capture beautiful pictures but the photo editing system make those pictures amazing. Photo editing works as post production for a picture. When a person upload their pictures in social media they do editing, make the picture attracted and post it in social media. In Amazon, if a product photo is being edited then the product will also be attracted by customers. So, Amazon product photo editing will create a good impression about the product and should be done for the betterment for the site and product too.

Saves cost of hiring a full time designer


Now comes about the photo editing designers. From where will you get this photo editing service? Do you need full time designer?

If we talk about product photo editing then you can done your product photo editing work by outsourcing. You don’t need to hire full time designers. By outsourcing, product photo editing service can be completed easily. There are many reasons not to hire full time designer and complete photo editing service by outsourcing:

• Reduce or control cost
• Focus on core function
• Solve capacity issues
• Improve service
• Gain access to expert talent and knowledge
• Manage the business environment

So, if any organization or company wants to save cost then the work of photo designing should be done by outsourcing.

Types of amazon photo editing services you need –

Amazon Photo Background Edit

amazon photo background edit

Photo background of an ecommerce product means a lot in order to sell products. Amazon should have the photos which have attractive photo backgrounds. Hence, amazon photo background edit is important. If you are not happy with the background of your product photo then you can edit amazon photo background by using background removal. Background removal can change the color of the background and can also change the entire background by editing. If you are thinking how to remove background for amazon? Then leave it to the photo editing service team they’ll do it for you.

Clipping path service


Clipping path service is one of the most taken photo editing services in photo editing industry. In any kind of product photo while posting in any online platform for sale, the background of a product photo is very important. Sometime you may not have a perfect background of your product photograph. Clipping path or background removal service will help you to get the perfect background for your product photo to get published in your amazon product background. Clipping path service is a photo editing technique which is applied on the product photos in order to get the suitable background for the products.

As amazon is one of the best platforms to get your products get sold so you cannot just publish a photo with a gaudy background. You can change the entire background and the background color with the help of clipping path service. So take clipping path service and make your ecommerce product photo ready to publish in amazon.

Image masking service


There are some products which are furry and fuzzy such as soft toys, furry jackets, pets, carpets, curtains, human hairs etc. which is comparatively tough to edit photos of. The best photo editing service for removing the backgrounds of those fuzzy and furry products is image masking service. Image masking service is a photo editing technique which applies different layers in Photoshop in order to remove the background of furry and fuzzy product images. So if you take image masking service, you will get the perfect background for amazon product photos to publish. It will be very beneficial and the product photos will look attractive as well.

Ghost mannequin service


In an ecommerce platform it is very important to make the details visible to the customers through the photographs. Sometimes the details cannot be understood properly if you post the product photos such as clothes, caps, socks etc. if these are worn by human models or mannequins. Ghost mannequin photo editing service can solve this problem for you to post your ecommerce product photos in Amazon. Ghost mannequin service usually works for removing the mannequin or human body from the product and to make the products more visible. When you click product photos, you may not show both the sides of a product. It is ghost mannequin photo editing service that will help you to show both the sides on amazon for customers to understand the products properly.

Product photo retouching service


The customers can never get attracted towards the products which are having any kind of flaws. During a product photo shoot, there could be some flaws such as dirt, marks, scratches etc. When you post your ecommerce product photos on amazon with those flaws, there are high chances that you may not attract the customers and the customers will not want to purchase the products. As an ecommerce company, your products also might get rejected by amazon for not having a good quality.

There is a solution to get rid of all the flaws which is product photo retouching service. By taking product photo retouching service you can reduce all the flaws from the product photos and you can make perfect product photos for amazon. Photo retouching service is actually a very popular photo editing service which is taken by lots of companies that works with photographs. It is taken to remove all the flaws from your product photos to make the products look picture perfect.

Color correction service


It happens in many of the ecommerce companies that they have products new in the lot which they only might have only one color at the first place. But in amazon, people may search for other different colors. If you do not have multiple colors in the tock, you can also show different colors of the same product by going for color matching service. “Color correction” is a photo editing technique that helps you to get various colors on your product. Even amazon wants verities of product colors to be posted in the website.

This is very useful for an ecommerce product sellers to make a place in amazon. So the ecommerce product sellers can get high advantage if they take color correction services from the best photo editing service providers in order post product photos in amazon. Use color correction service and get colors of the products you want to.

Final Verdict

Ecommerce sales mostly depends on the photographs in amazon. If your product photo is not attractive enough then your products might not get sold in amazon. On the contrary, you might lose visitors as well. As an ecommerce seller of amazon you have to be very careful about the photos you are going to post on the amazon website to get them sold. In order to make the photos look attractive, amazon photo editing services plays a vital role. Going for amazon product photo editing would be the best thing for providing the best quality product photographs. You can also outsource product photo editing from various photo editing companies. From a long discussion we have come to a conclusion that ecommerce photo editing for amazon would be the best option to go for.

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