Clipping Path Experts (CPE) an offshore outsourcing graphic design house offering Clipping Path, Image Masking, Raster to Vector Conversion, Photo Retouching & Shadow services.

Why chose CPE?

Making a good reputation through the outsourcing business such as image editing company is not so easy task at all. We have been providing all sorts of image treatments like Photoshop clipping path service, image masking, raster to vector conversion, photo retouching and shadow services for several years.

  • No upfront payments
  • Low cost tags
  • Well trained designers
  • Large scale ability
  • Satisfaction accuracy work
  • Return edited images time specified

We make several chances for you belongs to our new  clients and ever customers to reduce the risk of your business offering no payments before completion. Excellent confidently make us more energetic provide the customer’s demand. So enjoy our services with affordable prices.

Benefits You will get

Unless you get some extra benefits so why you do not move to another for starting your business?  We provide a list of extra and consistent benefits to reduce your headache about photo editing services.

  • Quick turnaround
  • High quality image editing
  • Satisfaction guarante
  • Lowest price services
  • Large amount of image processing capacity
  • 24 hours customers support
  • More flexible services provider
  • Triple quality checking (QC) system
  • Special discount for regular customers
  • Reply quotation within short time
  • Easy file uploading system

Now having some thought for few times about the benefits we have made for you and decide to start business with us immediately.

Our Prices Starting

  • Photoshop Clipping Path Service $0.35
  • Multi Path/Color Path $1.25
  • Color Correction $1.35
  • Photoshop Image Masking $1.45
  • Shadow Creation $1.55
  • Raster to Vector $2.25
  • Photo Retouching $2.65
  • Image Manipulation $3.65

We Experts! Photoshop Clipping Path Service

Searching for an outsourcing partner to demarcate the digital photo…? You are in the right place. CPE is one among the top emerging Photoshop Clipping Path service provider in Graphic Platform that offers Photoshop Clipping, Clipping Mask, Image Masking (Hair Masking/Fur Masking/Transparent Masking), Digital image outlining, Photo Retouching, Raster to Vector Conversion, Color Correction and Multiple Path / Color Path Service at a cost efficient manner.

CPE offers a wide range of specialized image edition and photo manipulation task to the global clients. The outsourcing image editing task will enable you to cross-leverage our skills and expertise across industry verticals and technologies to achieve greater efficiency and quality levels in the outsourced process.

Now access cost-effective services without compromising with quality at a much lower cost! Now save up to 60% of your total costs when opting for such outsourcing image processing services! Now enjoy the benefit of getting higher-quality image manipulation and digital image outlining services at a cost-effective price, the biggest benefit of outsourcing and maximize your revenue.

Outsourcing our mostly Photoshop clipping path service and digital image editing needs to us and save on every aspect of your business thus increase your profits. “Save your time”, “effort”, “infrastructure” and “manpower”.

Our Specialty! Photoshop Clipping Path Service

CPE has its production site in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a low labor cost region that can assure low cost but quality service maintaining strict deadlines. At our design firm we have dedicated teams that offer outsourced services across a range of services which include best vector shape, Photoshop clipping path service and other digital image editing services.

The Photoshop clipping path service is a laborious task and needs much precision. It is a part of your non-core business functions and outsourcing such task to us, you can get these performed efficiently, while your core functions can be carried out in-house. Now achieve overall efficiency and increase your profits by letting us do your urgent yet non-core tasks. Outsource your professional image editing needs and give your business a cutting-edge in the worldwide market.

We ensure quicker deliveries to our clients so that you can make quick deliveries as well with your customer and save you time. Get timely deliveries of our high-quality Photoshop Clipping Path service that will really impress your customers. Increase customer satisfaction by working with us and make your customers remain loyal to your firm.

Enjoy that Time zone advantage when you choose us for your image cropping needs. You are being knit Will be Bangladesh’s day. With this advantage, your outsourcing partner will be able to do all the critical work and send it to you the very next day.

Apply for Free Trial now for any specialty image processing service to judge our service quality and then you place a work order. We guarantee quality work and do not ask for payment before delivering your work.

Our services are tailored to the requirements of our clients. We have an expert and experienced team that thoroughly understands your business and deliver it accordingly at a competitive price. We have worked with many clients across the globe that keeps coming back to us time and again for their relevant requirements. Try out our quality and affordable Photoshop clipping path service; you will be glad you did!

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We respect the customer’s needs. So we stay active to reply you appreciated. We are open every single day, 24/7. So if you have images for optimizing, request a quote now and immediately we will reply within short time.

Download samples:

Do you have any doubt to our tasks? Click Here to download a some of samples from us to ensure the quality our completed work.

Monthly Payment Plan:

We provide various payment plan as monthly and weekly are available that the clients who need regular image editing services from us. So send us a request so that you also qualified for the plans.