clipping path background remove photoshop

Clipping Path Service is one of the popular image editing services in this digital world. It is also known as Background Removal service. Basically, clipping path is the process of removing the background drawing a line around the object by Photoshop and omitting the outer area. A clipping path can be applied in both sharp and soft edges. Clipping path is necessary at the first place if you want to remove the background or masking, multi path, neck joint, retouching and drop shadow. So, we’ll learn how to use clipping path background remove photoshop easily.

Steps for clipping path background remove in Photoshop:

Open the image

At first you have to open the desire image in Photoshop. You can open it by using ‘”Ctrl+O” or manually select the “File” option then click “Open”.

Take a path layer

Select the Background layer in the Layers panel. Select the Background layer with a right-click. Make a duplicate layer. Duplicating the layer is also possible using the Panel Options menu. The window for Duplicate Layers appears.

Select pen tool

You must choose the Pen Tool after opening the picture file. It may be found on the side toolbar or by pressing “P.” You can now begin creating your path by selecting the top-most option in the Pen Tool menu.

Draw path around the object

From the Tools panel, choose the Lasso tool. Trace around the area using the Lasso tool to maintain the Lasso marquee displayed around the selected object. Lasso tool will help you to make a freehand selection around an object. This tool is useful for making selections when there is no other way to identify the item you want to select. Now simply with the lasso tool in the toolbox and drag around the area you want to select.

Make selection of path

Though lasso tool is a freehand object selector, which helps you to select easily. To use this tool you need have a steady hand. You will find more easily to work by lasso tool. Now you just need to meet the point where you start and end the point on that start line. Your object will be selected and you work is done.

Select Layer Via Copy

You just have to click on the selected area the left mouse button. Then you will click on the ‘layer via copy’ or ‘copy’ option and your selected area will get isolated from the background. After copying the selected image, you just select another path layer as like the first one. Then simply press (Ctrl+X) for setting on a white and transparent background.

Hide the background layer

After selecting you object by lasso tool, you need to remove background. You can remove background selecting an option of “Layer via copy” or you can use “Ctrl+J” or you can direct “Delete” the background to remove it.

Save it as PNG

To save the image, go to File and select Save As. File should be saved as PNG.


Clipping path is the ideal way for removing the background without hurting the image. It may take a bit longer, but it will result in a fantastic outcome.

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