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Ecommerce business is the fastest growing business in the world right now without a doubt. Every product manufacturers and seller are concentrating on increasing online revenue now. For instance, the handbag industry like Chanel, Luis Vuitton, etc. are trying to attract online clients through their ecommerce stores. And the one golden rule to attract online buyers to purchase a product is to use an attractive and eye-catching image of the products in their ecommerce store. In this article we’ll give you some cool and most effective handbag photoshoot ideas that will help you take attractive photos of handbags and purse that boosts up online sales. And if you are an ecommerce photographer and searching for ideas for your next product photoshoot then keep on reading.

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Why bag product shoot is important for Ecommerce businesses?

For ecommerce businesses that focuses on products like bag packs, handbags, Purse, side bags, etc. A colorful and attractive photo of the product is pretty much important. Online buyers can’t touch or see the product live as they are showcased online so an image helps them to see it visually. They make their purchasing decision based on the outlook of the bag photo. This is why a bag product shoot is very much important. Hiring a professional photographer who is good in doing handbag product photography is a winning deal for an ecommerce business as it will definitely boost sales a lot.

Best handbag photoshoot ideas –

Stuff the bag properly

bag product shoot

The first tip is to first prepare the bag properly for the photoshoot. The bag should show all the details it has on it like the design and texture for that you need to inflate it from inside and give it a good shape that makes it look real. For that you will have to stuff the bag with foam or any kind of material that gives the handbag proper shape before the photoshoot. Make sure you don’t damage the handbag while doing this step or else that mark will also be captured in the photo.

Make sure the bag has no Scratch or dust


You’ve to make sure that your exterior is free from any scratch or dust. These kinds of things makes any picture not acceptable. Try to avoid these kind of scratches or dust. If you find anything in the bag, use the compressed gas duster cans. It is really good at getting rid of dust while avoiding additional smears and stains which is created by wet cloths. You can also use dry duster to polish the surface of any leather and plastic hand bags.

Keep the straps visible


One of the key features of many handbags is its straps. Bags look good when the straps are held nicely in place. It’s very important to make sure the straps are arranged in an appropriate manners. Use fishing line or nylon string and attach them to the straps to hold them up for the perfect capture.

Use Soft Lighting

handbag product photography

Always try to avoid harsh lightning. All other types of E-Commerce photography, lightning is crucial. Avoid harsh or direct lightning, because it creates a shadow. Which creates a bad impact on photography. Natural day light or soft lightning is fantastic if used correctly but less consistent then studio lightning. Use the soft light as much as possible to get the best outcomes.

Show the attractive portion of the handbag

bag product shoot

This is a very interesting part of doing handbag photography. People choose that bag which attracts them very well. To attract the user of handbag a photographer can show the attractive portion of the handbag in the photography. As like; the brand portion of a bag, the chain portion, the side portion, especially the inside portion of the bag. Inside portion of the handbag can give a clear sense about the handbag. All these portion shoot will help to select the handbag to use. Photographer can use a model too for showing the attractive portion of the handbag.

Take a conceptual photo

bag product shoot

Every product need to be in a conceptual section. Without conceptual idea nobody can buy any product or use any product. Conceptual idea is very important for having a sense about anything. Bags and handbags also need to have a clear concept. So photographer can capture photos for expressing conceptual idea. By showing the use of the handbag and showing the style of the handbag can create a conceptual idea photo.

Use Unique angles for handbag photoshoot ideas

handbag product photography

Angles are very important for getting a good picture. Angles give a picture an attractive look. If someone can click good pictures but doesn’t know about the angles then it would be a very average category picture. If someone takes photos from different angles then it will give a smooth look. It will help to capture beautiful pictures. For example, when you take a photo of a handbag from a side angle for attracting the basic of the bag with a beautiful look then you can capture a unique image.

Take a decent background

handbag product photography

A background in any kind of product photography plays a very important role. As we are talking about handbag photoshoot ideas for Ecommerce, selection of an appropriate background is necessary. A handbag is elegant and classy. Hence, you have to choose a background which is decent enough to shoot handbag photographs for ecommerce. You can actually create own background at home using various materials if you are inside the house or you can get a lightbox that will provide a decent background along with lighting. You can also shoot handbag product photography in outdoor locations so that it looks natural and people can see how it looks like while carrying.

Capture all the textures and patterns


In any kind of product you will get to see different textures and patterns in it. Not everyone can notice the textures and patterns of the products. Different bags have different materials hence, give different textures and patterns as well. You can use this advantage by taking the pictures of the textures and patters of the handbags. To capture all the textures and patterns you have to take close shots. Use a micro or macro lens or zoom in the camera to capture the textures and patterns of the handbags. Doing that, you can get some amazing close shots.

Go for post-processing


Post processing in any kind of photography is kind of necessity nowadays. No matter what photography type you are providing, post processing or photo editing is a must. It is photo editing that makes your photos look flawless. Talking about handbag photography for ecommerce, your handbags might have some flaws and photo editing like clipping path service helps you to remove all your flaws and make the photos look attractive. If you do not know how to do photo editing, you can take help from different photo editing companies to amazing photos. While making the selection of the photo editing companies, you need to research which photo editing companies are best and give their photo editing services in lower price.


It is very important for any ecommerce company to display the tempting photo for attracting the customers and for a better sale. If you do not have good photos in your ecommerce website, you may face a huge loss. You have to make sure you apply all these tricks when you are shooting handbag for ecommerce as a photographer. You should follow these 10 handbag photoshoot ideas for Ecommerce photographer and see how you get incredible handbag photographs for ecommerce.

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