upside down photography tricks

Photographers nowadays are capturing some cool and unique photos which are creating a lot of engagement among the audience. They are in other words bringing new photography trends in the photography industry. It also includes some cool and pretty amazing types of photography that you have never seen before. One of such cool photography trick or trend is upside down photography tricks. This type of photography of making the subject look upside down is pretty cool and also being shared a lot on social media platforms. Photographers are seeking ways to create more experiments using the art of upside down photography

If you are at a basic level and you want to know some cool upside down photography ideas then my pal you’re at the right place. In this article I’ll talk about some cool, unique and easy way to capture upside down photography like a pro photographer. If you want to learn these unique tricks then all you have to do is to keep scrolling.

So, without further adieu, let’s start!


upside down photography

One of the top upside down photography tricks you should always remember is the procedure of using a good lighting source to capture the upside down photo. There are two types of lighting source for doing any kind of photography. The best light source is free for all and it is none other than natural light. Natural white light from the sun is the best source for doing upside down photography. It keeps the images clear and sharp. The colors also look vibrant and eye catching. I suggest using natural light for this kind of photography. Another light source is the artificial one. In this type of lighting you can use fill lights, soft box, external flash, etc for taking a sharp and bright upside down image.


upside down photography

Image composition is also a very important upside down photography tricks. The composition of your photograph is what will help you attract people and increase engagement level on your social sites. Image composition means how you are presenting the story of your image to the audience. A good composition always attracts more audience. You can use some of the best and creative photography composition tips for capturing well composed upside down photography.

Use camera lens

Use camera lens

A cool and unique way to capture upside down photography is to use a camera lens. A camera lens shows inverted view of the scene in front of it. It is like a mirror it shows an inverted view. You can use this inverted view to capture upside down photography as shown in the photo here. This is also a cool trick among all upside down photography tricks.

Use crystal ball

crystal ball

Crystal balls are pretty famous and trendy these days. It shows the upside down image inside it of the scene before it. A crystal ball can be a handy and cool prop you can use to capture some amazing upside down photography. I prefer capturing such image at least once in this life. The crystal ball is actually pretty cool for taking or doing upside down photography. It is one of the best upside down photography ideas.

Use reflection

reflection photography

Reflections are always beautiful. Most of the awards winning photographs were captured using the trick of reflection. This is also one of the best upside down photography ideas you should use in your photography. Use any reflective surface like water or a mirror and capture the scene that is being shown on the reflection. It will also show the upside down scene of the image.

Hanging on the Tree

use tree

Upside-down photography is itself very unique concept. There are different ways of going upside-down and clicking the photo that way. One of the easiest upside-down photography tips is hanging on the tree. This is a bit risky and difficult but you must have an upside-down photo for sure. For doing that, you will need a model who will be hanging on the tree. It is very important to have safety gears or support while you are hanging someone on the tree. Make sure that he/she is comfortable doing it. So hang your model upside-down on the tree and click photos in burst mode. You will get some great upside-down photographs by doing so.

Lay down on the Floor

lay down on the floor

Well, you can say how can be a lying on the floor photo be upside-down? Well, it is about perspective and the camera work will speak. A good photographer who can understand the perspectives would make a lay down photo like upside-down. Ask you model to lie down on the floor. Click the photographs from side or from the top so that it looks like Upside-down photography. This is a tricky upside-down photography tips that can blow everyone’s mind. That will give you some amazing upside down photographs. So try this tip out.

Use of Angles

use of angles

Angles of a photograph can change the perspective of seeing the photos. Using different angles is very important while clicking photographs. As we are talking about upside down photography, angles play vital role in making upside down photograph. Set your model in a certain way that you can get some great photos by using different angles. Just do not stick to straight angles. Use the opposite angle to create an upside down photograph.

Use Wall for Support

upside down photography ideas

Not everyone can go upside down without supports. Use walls as support systems when you are asking a model to go upside down. Give your model enough time to get comfortable and do not click shot until the model goes upside down with the support of wall comfortably. The wall is another straightforward and imperative instrument for figuring out how to do a handstand and getting increasingly happy with being upside down. Other than the conspicuous advantage that the divider holds you in an upstanding, vertical position, you can likewise utilize the divider to scale a handstand to whatever degree of reversal you are prepared for.

Post Processing

upside down photography before after

Photo editing is a part and parcel of photography. As we are talking about upside down photography tips, we cannot leave behind post processing of the photographs. Well, in case if you are unable to get upside down shots by any means, you can do it yourself by editing the photos. Any photo editing company using photo editing applications like Adobe Photoshop will help you to make the photos go upside down. You just need to rotate the photo to 180 degree angle to transform the photo into upside down. If you want ot isolate the subject in the image and then rotate it you can use a clipping path service from photo editing companies. So do edit photos by yourself or take help from any of the photo editing company to get upside down photographs.


Doing upside down photography is challenging. So we have discussed some great points to overcome this challenge and to get upside down photographs as per your requirement. This upside down photography tricks we have just discussed will definitely help you to click some great upside down photographs like professionals. So apply these tips and do photography upside down like a professional.

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