Monsoon Photography Tips

One of the most loved and enjoyable seasons of the year is the monsoon. As a photographer, there are lots of scopes to show photographic talent during monsoon. You can really as if you deliver some amazing monsoon photographs. But doing monsoon photography is not that easy. You need to gather a vast knowledge of monsoon photography and need to do lots of practice as well. Here we brought you some effective monsoon photography tips which will guide you.


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Prepare your Gears for monsoon photography

Monsoon Photography gears

The first thing for doing monsoon photography, you need to make your gears ready. You should know which camera and lenses will be better for doing monsoon photography. There are possibilities for your gears to get wet while shooting in the rain. You also have to think of protecting your camera gear. Choose a waterproof camera body and lenses and also carry some clothes to protect your gears. You can also carry an umbrella so that your gears kept protected.

Proper Camera Setting for monsoon photography

Monsoon Photography camera setting

Camera setting plays an important role in all types of photography. Dissimilar to customary scene photography where ƒ-stop bests everything, screen speed is the main concern in lightning photography. Since your camera has no clue about what you’re doing, you don’t need it to decide your shade speed (no full auto or opening need mode)— I photo everything in manual mode, yet in case you’re increasingly happy with shooting screen need, that is fine, as well. Set your camera perfectly before going for monsoon photography.

Use the Window

Use the Window for monsoon

When you are at home during monsoon season watching the rain, you can actually play with your camera and do indoor monsoon photography. y with your camera and do indoor monsoon photography. Water beads on window sheets are an extraordinary chance to be inventive. Get somebody to present and make a fascinating representation through raindrops. You can likewise make unique pictures by shooting through the window sheets of your moving vehicle.

Take long Shots

Take long Shots

In monsoon photography tips, you can excel in many things. The whole road or place looks amazing when it rains. A long shot would be mesmerizing to see. To take long shots, you should use a long exposure lens that can capture a wide area during monsoon photography.

Catch the Action of Monsoon photography

Catch the Action

The deluge makes unexpected change idleness. The hustle-clamor caused because of downpours could give you intriguing catches in the event that you are perceptive. A real to life shot of an individual running for cover or an image of beautiful umbrellas can rejuvenate your photo.
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Capture the cloudy sky in the frame

Capture the cloudy sky in the frame

While it’s a rainy season, the sky changes randomly. It gives you one of the best scenery of monsoon. The sky looks various at different times, and capturing it is a must. You can get the mixed color of the sky. When it’s time for raining, the sky gets too cloudy and it looks dark. Capture that moment because it looks very different than other times.

Capture the reflection

Capture the reflection

Monsoon makes everything looks very beautiful, but the most important thing it does to create reflection. So, while you try to capture a photograph from a different perspective always try to look for some various reflections and small things that can make your photograph more amazing. Puddles and wet surfaces can bring out a perspective. Look out for puddles that reflect the architecture, people, detail, etc. from surroundings.

Include the people from outside

Include the people from outside

Monsoon seasons bring a leap of happiness in the life of everyone. People can be seen dancing in the rain, playing football, jumping on the mud puddles, etc. always look out form some of these kind shots that capture the mood of the person. It will add life to a rather mundane picture.

Photo editing for Monsoon Photography

Monsoon Photography photo editing

Editing makes a picture brighter. Monsoon pictures are naturally very catchy but they sometimes need a little bit of touch. Some color corrections, shadows, exposures, etc, need to be done. This is one of the main tips to take monsoon photos.


Monsoon photography is one of the best ways to enjoy yourself while you are on work as a photographer. You can create different types of concepts while doing monsoon photography. If you want to be a monsoon photographer so these tips will help you as a beginner and then with more experience you’ll be a professional. If you need photo editing service you can have it from

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